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Plugins and integrations help you enhance your content. You can track user behavior, traffic, and much more with plugins and integrations. With TypeStack you can add multiple plugins and integrations to your blog.

Deleting a plugin cannot be undone and will remove all of your settings for that plugin or integration. Tread carefully when deleting active plugins.

How to add/connect plugins and integrations?

To connect our default plugins and integrations:

  • Click on “Plugins and integrations” on the left panel
  • If you wish to use Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, or Google Search Console; just click connect

          > For Facebook Pixel:

            - To integrate the Facebook Pixel plugin, tap on Connect under the Facebook Pixel option.

            - Then, enter the Facebook Pixel ID provided to you under the “Facebook Pixel ID” field.

            - Click on the Update button at the top right.

          > For Google Analytics:

            - To integrate the Google Analytics plugin, tap on Connect under the Google Analytics option.

            - Then, enter the Google Analytics Property ID provided by Google to you under the “Google Analytics Property ID” field.

          > For Google Tag Manager

            - To integrate the Google Tag Manager plugin, tap on Connect button

            - Then, enter the GTM ID shown on the top bar as GTM-XXXXX. You can also see this when you click on the dropdown next to Tag Manager title. 

We suggest to connect either Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager at one time for better accuracy of data

         > For Google Search Console:

            - To Integrate the Google search console into your TypeStack account follow these steps:  

                 Go to and click on start now.

                Copy the TypeStack URL onto the URL prefix field and click on continue.

                Select HTML tag under other verification options.

                Copy the code after the “content =” in the meta tag shown into the text field given below and click on connect.

                Go back to the google search console and click on verify.

Example: <meta name="google-site-verification" content="liYL1GH5JRggsnKF9E99d0UyFmo8R32xUI0peNBtD0M" />

        > Tap on Save once you are done.

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