Resource Page vs Landing Page: Which is more effective for email marketing?

Team TypeStack
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Dec 09, 2022  . 3 min read
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When it comes to reaching out to prospective customers, email marketing still remains one of the most effective strategies. Of course, we can fine-tune the process to improve the performance of the email marketing campaigns we run. This brings us to one of the least discussed points, and that is, what is better for email marketing- A landing page or a resource page?

Are landing pages really that good?

Landing pages have always been the most preferred choice of marketers out there. Though landing pages are a powerful lead generator, they have their own set of limitations. These limitations can cost you in the form of hundreds of lost leads. That’s why resource pages deliver 17% better results in comparison to landing pages.

So, let us highlight the areas where resource pages excel and landing pages lag behind.

Demonstrate your expertise

As customers, whenever we plan to buy any product or subscribe to any service from any vendor, one of the first things we verify is their expertise in that particular niche. A landing page is more about selling and less about showcasing your expertise.

On the other hand, a resource page allows you to tell everything in detail. It helps you establish your authority over that particular subject, which in turn can make your target audience feel more confident about buying your product/service. They start trusting your brand. This is how a resource page can craft their opinion and turn the game in your favor!

Improve the customer experience

One of the easiest ways to generate leads via email marketing or any other campaign is to provide solutions. A landing page won’t give you the luxury of breaking down a topic into easy-to-digest content. You have to be crisp and to the point. It can be a deal breaker for users searching for quality information.

Conversely, through your resource page, you can solve readers' problems. As a result, it can amplify their experience. Instead of being pushy or salesy, a resource page just talks about your customers’ needs.

Complex products and services

Promoting a complicated product or service through a landing page can be quite difficult. Mostly, a landing page’s content is based on making quick and emotional decisions. Through your email marketing campaign, if you are targeting businesses, entrepreneurs, CEOs, CTOs, etc. it would need more than marketing-driven content to persuade them.

On the contrary, resource pages easily fit the bill here. You get to explain each and every key feature of your product or service and how to use the same. You can even present case studies to support your claims.


We hope the comparison we drew between landing pages and resource pages did clear your doubts and offered you a new perspective. Building a resource page does take some time, but once it’s good enough to be promoted, you don’t need to build another one, unlike a landing page!