Content Marketing For SaaS: A Detailed Guide

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Creating content for Saas and marketing it to the right people is the ideal way to build brands, bring customer loyalty, and create million-dollar businesses. SaaS content marketing strategy can help you entice, convert, and even retain your target audience.

Creating content and providing the customer with enough content to consume will keep you on top of their minds. The major goal of saas content production is to become so visible, that when a customer thinks about a product, they should recall your brand.

There is endless content available on social media. To stand out in the sea, you should bring out your brand’s originality and its own voice. Have a clear goal and vision to achieve. When your vision matches your uniqueness, an effective content strategy is built.

What is Content marketing?

Content marketing is the distribution of different content formats on various channels to build, be aware, engage, and, retain the audience. To have people’s attention and get people talking about you is a promotion in itself. Everybody knows that word-of-mouth marketing generates the most fruitful results.

Saas content marketing is a great way of engaging and interacting with the audience without sounding a bit too ‘salesy’. Nobody likes messages or emails saying buy this or that. People want to get inspired, entertained, informed, and educated. This builds trust and great businesses are done on the foundation of trust.

In content marketing, you can create content like articles, blogs, videos, social media posts, newsletters, podcasts, and other media. To get started with Saas content marketing, you can create content about the importance of the product in the market, your expertise in the business, and why you are different from the competitors. Market the content on the right platforms and target the ideal audience. You build a relevant audience according to your business niche.

But Saas content marketing is a bit different from the other businesses. The Saas or Software as a Service business demands more flexibility and support in the long run. The Saas businesses’ audience is tech-savvy and highly knowledgeable. This audience is always looking for clear, updated, and educating content online to keep up with the industry’s standards and trends. Hence, a different content marketing strategy for Saas is needed to build a phenomenal Saas brand.

Factors that make Saas business content marketing strategy poles apart from the other businesses

  • Saas: Software as a service

Saas delivers software on a cloud base with a subscription fee on a monthly or yearly basis.

  • A long sales cycle

Decision-making is the most time-consuming task. As it involves more decision-makers it will take a longer time span to finalize a decision.

  • Technology-driven

The software involves technology-oriented platforms. You can use content to make your audience understand the newly launched tools.

  • Assist customers

We all know technology can have glitches. To resolve it, the customer needs to be assisted whenever needed.

Saas content marketing strategy: Skyrocket your Saas business

Content Strategy: The foundation of Saas content marketing

Content is not a king anymore, it is the whole kingdom. Start out with planning a solid content strategy with everything in place. Most companies fail to do it and then rush out to create content that doesn’t perform well. Organize content strategy for a week or a month to streamline the content creation and design process for the team. This simple hack can save you from so much confusion and hassles.

Collect the data of the topic you want to talk about and start creating content out of it. Create a calendar and keep filling it with your content ideas with a particular date.

Pro Tip: In the first 3 years of Saas business, companies spend 80% of their revenue on content marketing.

Check out some of the content idea inspiration for your new Saas content marketing strategy.

  • The social proofs
  • Product: The feature and benefits
  • Statistics
  • Predictions
  • Results and Testimonials
  • Inspiring and thought leadership
  • Your own thoughts
  • New feature updates
  • Inspirational stories

Define content marketing objectives: Clear the path and reach goals

Having clear goals and objectives keeps you on track to achieve them. You can understand the target market better and effectively measure the ROI reports. Knowing your goals and defining them will make you track your growth and achieve calculative and expected results from content marketing

Generate more MQLs through social media

Define a count of MQLs you want to generate and create persuasive sales copies and market to the ideal market. This will get you more inquiries and new contacts. Convert those MQLs and generate revenue.

Aware customers of a new update

Saas businesses are always updating and your audience needs to stay informed about the same. Host a virtual pre-launch event by sending out email newsletters and promoting the event on the website. Now that you have more people talking about the feature, launch the feature and promote videos on how to use it.

More traffic on the website

Creating compelling and keyword-researched content on the website can drive massive organic traffic. Give the information reader wants, use engaging headlines, and break the paragraphs into points to make reading easy. The clearer the better. Get organic traffic and get business via content marketing.

Prepare marketing sources and keep them ready: Get, set, go!

Organizing the process right from the beginning can optimize the process and deliver quality outcomes. Put your time and effort to plan an A to Z of marketing for your Saas content marketing business.

  • A smooth and optimized website

The website is your home and a reader is a visitor. Host them with warmth! Catch the reader’s eye and keep them reading. Provide your readers with a fast-loading website having informative content. Make sure they spend a good amount of time on your website. That is where all the conversions happen.

  • A social media page

Social media gives your brand exposure. There are over a billion social media users across the world. A bunch of them could be your audience. Create an optimized social media page with a logo and your company tagline as the display images. Show your targeted audience who you are by adding details about your business to your social pages.

Pro Tip: A Saas business audience is business-minded, readers, nerds, and hungry for knowledge. Linkedin and Twitter are the ideal platforms for Saas content marketing.

  • A qualified team

Onboard or freelance writers, graphic designers, website developers, and marketing analysts to manage marketing. Hiring a professional content production team is worth it.

  • Customer contacts

Keep your customer data intact, such as email IDs, phone numbers, Skype IDs, etc., and organize them to make them easy to access.

  • All the content marketing tools

Content marketing tools are the prowess of content marketing for Saas businesses. Don’t juggle with multiple tools, use fewer tools and sync them up with the marketing process.

Tools you need for:

  • Content creation
  • Keyword research
  • Content marketing
  • Website optimization
  • Image compression
  • Analytics and ROI

Know your audience a little better: It is all about them

You are doing all of this for your target audience. Not knowing the audience well enough can make these efforts go to waste. Know your market, do surveys, and read reviews and feedback. Get insight on making the Saas better and more user-friendly for the audience. Build a Saas business so good, they should come to you to renew the plan.

Create content: Crisp and concise

Your audience base is readers hunting to gain knowledge. Your content should be readable and thoughtful. Make it pleasant to look at by adding beautiful images. Keep them hooked with interesting headlines, broken down content body, to-the-point message, excellent keyword research, and clear content.

To create start with:

  • Blogs
  • White papers
  • Case studies
  • Articles
  • Carousel images
  • Newsletters

Build relationships and make people refer you: Build trust to build a brand

References are the standard and the most practiced way to generate business. Getting referrals to boost trust among people and turn your Saas business into a trustworthy brand. While creating a blog, use more backlinks. This makes it easier for you to get in touch with the backlink owners and ask them for a reference.

People support those who are honest and supportive. Promote your business through an influencer or support a small Saas business owner. This can show the integrity and reliability of your business. Become a people’s brand. Get their loyalty, not just the attention.

Final takeaway

Saas content marketing is a hard nut to crack. Market saturation affects strategies. You have to make constant adjustments after measuring content performance. Watch out for what’s working for your audience and do more of it. Get rid of what’s not doing well. Innovate with excellence and create with thought. Great products need greater marketing.

Give the marketing strategies enough time to mature in the market and drive results. Be consistent and creative to make Saas content marketing strategy a huge success.