SaaS Homepage SEO Strategy: Everything You Need To Know

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Nov 21, 2022  . 7 min read

Every business niche and industry has different promotional tactics that are effective. You will know the difference when you work on website optimization for both B2B and B2C industries. Everything is different: the target audience, credibility, source of information, SEO strategy, and more.

And it is only due to this difference that IT and SaaS-based business websites need a specialized and tailor-made optimization plan. In fact, given the growth of the software industry, SaaS SEO for homepage is a widely talked-about affair, and a lot of industry giants are offering solutions.

However, are the tips effective? The simple answer - it all depends on trial and error, much like A/B testing. So, we will offer you some tips here, and you can check the most effective ones for your SaaS website. After all, there is no one-size-fits-all here.

What You Need To Know About SaaS SEO?

It is important to note that performance marketing (PPC, social advertisements, affiliate marketing, etc.) is a popular choice among SaaS developers for scaling up new client acquisition. However, many companies soon realize that doing so increases the costs as it depends only on paid sales generation. This is no less than counterproductive.

The traffic ceases when you disable or reduce the number of sponsored advertisements. So, having an effective SaaS SEO strategy is crucial. SEO can promote organic development that you can sustain as a constant and even exponential. Many SaaS companies are boosting their channel investments to diversify their traffic sources and maintain a manageable acquisition cost.

Typically, the target for strategies on SaaS SEO for homepage revolves around people who are

Searching for your software

Looking for information on similar software to your offering

Ready to buy your software

In search of software-related queries to answer

Why You Should Invest In A SaaS Website Best Practices

Exponential Growth with SaaS SEO for HomePage

If SaaS SEO is done well, it can lead to exponential growth in terms of lead generation and sales. The product’s ability to attract more traffic depends on how much content you provide on your website and how well you optimize it.

If you use the right strategy, you can experience a rise in traffic in a matter of months. The growth trajectory is quite predictable. And this tactic often looks like this:

Produce reader-friendly content that focuses on keywords stretegy

Get backlinks and other form of references

Consider analytics to monitor the growth

Strategize using the data you gathered from the analytics

Cost-per-acquisition Reduction

You pay for each and every click that leads to your website when you acquire new customers through paid advertisements. Your cost-per-acquisition through paid channels (social media and search engines) increases over time as you exhaust the audiences with the highest conversion rates. You might be able to keep the cost-per-click constant, but after your campaign has been optimized, you will get to a point where further cost reduction is not possible.

On the other hand, SEO typically does the exact opposite. It may enable you to lower your cost per acquisition over time. Initially, the cost per acquisition is often high, but as growth compounds, this may decline rapidly. However, unlike paid marketing, where prices rise with each click, SEO demands constant strategic commitment.

Multi-channel Customer Conversion

SEO shouldn't exist in a vacuum. The truth is that a significant part of any effective SaaS SEO strategy will go into content production.

However, this material does more for you than help in the ranking for certain keywords. You can use it to drive sponsored visitors or as a part of your social media or email marketing plan. Such methods can generate referral traffic all by itself.

The ability to attract and convert customers from other marketing channels is possible with an appropriate plan, and this should be a major justification for continuing SEO investment in your platform.

Why Is SaaS SEO For Homepage So Challenging?

Let's face it, Practically everyone finds homepage SEO to be tricky.

A lot of companies struggle to utilize this part of a website from an SEO viewpoint, whether they are SaaS companies or any other industry. Yet, the homepage is the one asset that practically every company should focus the most on.

It's not about the traffic, it's the main landing page. Due to this, it is also the one asset that frequently:

Welcomes visitors

Creates a first impression of the brand

Explains what the business does

Describes the brand's value proposition and what makes it stand out from the competition

And lastly, showcases the entire portfolio of products and services you offer

What Makes SaaS Website Homepage So Important?

Despite the fact that there are other pages that need just as much optimization, homepage should still be the priority numero uno. The search engine crawlers can rank you in the search results if you are clearer about what your products do, what category they belong to, and what value customers receive from it.

The homepage draws a majority of the traffic, if not all. Plus, your website will probably be linked to any other website mentions, social media references, or other PR that your product receives. Here, the homepage should be your focus for your early link-building techniques, including guest posting, digital PR, podcast appearances, and site submission to SaaS directories.

As other websites link to your homepage, the PageRank algorithm helps Google to decide the ranking of any of your pages. In addition, as you design new pages, tactical internal linking helps transfer the benefits of the PageRank the website has accumulated at the homepage to those new sites.

SaaS Keyword Research Strategy For SEO Homepage Content

To boost your SaaS SEO for homepage, there are three types of keyword research and strategy you need to focus on.

Brand Category

It is still a good idea to put brand-related keywords on the website despite the necessity to concentrate on other search terms. For example, the brand or product name should, at the very least, be in the homepage's title tag, often towards the end of the tag. By doing this, you can make sure that your important target keywords are the HTML tag's primary emphasis.

You should also naturally scatter the brand name around the page most of the time. Then, as it naturally arises, you should include it in the meta description, in the primary subheading, below the tagline, in the alt text for one or more images, and in other places in the body content.

Product Category Keywords

You can start positioning your homepage (as well as the brand) for keywords that can bring organic traffic. For example, keywords that connect to product categories that best describe your product.

These generic keywords describe the product to a visitor and have nothing to do with your brand. So, they aren't the keywords that could identify the project's characteristics or functioning.

ERP software, CMS, communications platforms, etc., are frequently used to describe the product to customers, investors, or other stakeholders. These are the words that salesmen will use in emails, brochures, and other communications.

Product Functionality/Offering Keywords

Positioning for product categories and brand should be strategized. There is a way to incorporate these phrases even when they aren't your main keywords. Additionally, you can support specific pages you could construct for those keywords by using the homepage. Include a list of the features your product offers. Most likely, you have already got it on the website in some way.

Ending Note

The competition in the software industry is huge, and it really takes a lot of research and implementation to succeed in SaaS SEO for a homepage. However, knowing what you are up against will give you a better chance at devising a fine strategy.

There are three common but effective pointers to SaaS SEO strategy:

Focus on competitor research

Strategize high/low volume and brand keywords

Optimize UX with design and helpful content update

Once you have done everything right, the website will start ranking soon. However, it takes constant upgrades to the content strategy and SEO endeavors to ensure consistent ranking and traffic. After all, you cannot rule out the competition.

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