10 Tips for Combining SEO and Content Marketing

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Dec 06, 2022  . 6 min read
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Gone are the days when Search Engine Optimization or SEO was sufficient to land the site on top of the SERPs. Businesses nowadays are urged to combine SEO and content marketing in their digital strategies to get search engine approval and attract more traffic to the website.

Considering that content marketing plays a crucial role in making an online business successful, and without combining SEO with content marketing, it won’t be possible to achieve success. These two marketing tools were considered different entities earlier, but they are now a couple that promises to take the businesses to the pinnacle of success. Here are the top ten ways to ensure these two marketing tools work together.

Set Similar Goals

The first step is to set goals to make your SEO and content marketing work to benefit you and your website. You need to check the activities that overlap between these two marketing methods. Is it increased links, rankings, or traffic? How to align the activities to achieve the goals?

The answers to these questions will give you a point to start integrating content and SEO marketing strategy with focused and clear goals.

Establishing Important Performance Indicators

The next way to enhance the synergy between SEO and content marketing is to develop a key KPI that can help monitor the performance while ensuring that it is on track to achieve the set goals.

The KPIs must include links to content, content sharing, online user engagement, CTA conversion rates, and more.

Understanding the Target Prospects

Understanding the target prospects is important in combining content and SEO marketing strategy. Develop the personality of target audiences and unique online marketing strategy for each prospect. The personality can be based on location, age, hobbies, gender, and interests.

You must not start any digital marketing activity without evaluating your audiences' expectations and what you want in return after fulfilling their demands.

Creating SEO-Optimized Content

Google prefers ranking quality content. So, you must focus on optimizing the content for search engines by including high-impression keywords. Optimizing the content using high-impressive keywords will help the website become visible to online readers by appearing on top of the SERPs.

You must avoid overstuffing keywords and maintain a keyword density of 1%. It will keep your site protected from the penalties of search engines.

Look for Relevant and High-Impressive Keywords

You must include relevant and high-impressive keywords sourced from keyword planner tools. If you optimize the content using those keywords, it ensures that your content will attract a higher number of users.

Attracting Online Prospects with Link Building

The next effective way to make SEO and content marketing work together is via link building. It is an effective SEO strategy that distributes online content to larger qualified, and targeted audiences. It helps enhance content efficacy.

The links of different high-page ranked and high authority sites are used, and it helps attract thousands of visitors that are redirected to the website when they click on the site. You must seek the help of SEO experts to enhance the link-building strategy.

Targeting the Internal Link Building

Internal link building helps heighten the site’s ranking and published content. So, creating internal links is important to enhance the user experience because of easy navigation throughout the webpage.

It is easy to implement an internal link-building strategy, and it is an important part of SEO and content marketing strategy. It improvises user experiences and ranking using relevant content useful for readers.

Optimizing Content’s Headings and Title

The content’s headings and titles must be optimized using the targeted keywords. The title is on the browser’s top bar, while the heading is inside the content body. The title must be persuading, descriptive and informative for readers. Headers must be attractive to grab the attention of readers.

Both titles and headers must be SEO optimized to ensure that content is easily visible on SERPs.

Evaluate the Results

Use different online tools to evaluate the results of combining SEO and content marketing efforts. There is analytics that helps monitor the search volume and let you know which content or page attracts more visitors and the keywords they use to find your content. All these details can help optimize your content further.

Keeping your Efforts Live

The strategy to combine SEO and content marketing must be an ongoing effort, and you must not stop it anytime. Make the most of the opportunity and see how the strategy works wonders for your clients and organization. It will help you achieve the top ranking on the SERPs and fast track to success.

Bonus Tips to Combine SEO and Content Marketing for Success

Updating Content As Products Evolve

For maximum conversions and engagement from the content, it is important to keep updating it regularly with feature addition and product improvements. Based on how significant the change is, you have to:

  • Add new screenshots of products along with visuals
  • Update the instructions using tools for specific cases
  • Update tutorial videos of new product launches
  • Add new sections and paragraphs to explain the new features

Initially, you may face challenges, but doing it regularly can help extend the lifespan of the blog content and heighten the results over time.

Building Owned Audiences via Email Opt-Ins

Even the top-ranked pages on Google, with millions of organic traffic to its content, fail to attract readers to sign up for their services and products immediately. If the readers are not ready to decide, no banners or pop-ups can influence them to sign-up.

But, there is a way to urge the readers to subscribe to weekly blogs and newsletters. Some tools help build owned audience via SEO-focused content marketing. It helps drive traffic to new content instantly, nurture readers before becoming a customer, conduct surveys to help enhance the content and get new content ideas and deep insights into the data-driven studies.


Leveraging Search Engine Optimization as the distribution channel for the content strategy is the smart move for businesses looking for topics with high business potential. So, use the above tips on combining SEO and content marketing strategies to yield desired results and top ranking on SERPs.