SEO For A Tiny Site With No Backlinks

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Content and backlinks go hand in hand. Websites that have both tend to do well in terms of SEO, when compared to websites who don’t have either one of them. But does that mean SEO is not effective if you have a tiny website with no backlinks?

In this blog we’ll see how you can ace SEO for a small website which has no backlinks. Before we dig into the tips let’s look at a website, Backlinko. Backlinko is a marketing blog hosted by, Brian Dean. This blog doesn't have a ton of pages, a ton of content, almost nil manual outreach and link building. Yet, this blog dominates rankings. And they get thousands of visitors per month. Backlinko is not the only one, there are many others like that. 

There's a secret strategy to getting tons of traffic when you do not have many pages. You may not get as much traffic when compared to a site with a million pages. But, you can still do extremely well and get hundreds and even thousands of visitors per month, even with just  20, 30 pages.

So let's look at this step by step strategy:

  • Competitor Research

You need to have some sort of content. You don't need loads of content, but you sure need some amount of content. And the content you create needs to be relevant and of great quality. So before you start writing any content, we suggest you go to Ubersuggest, put in your competitors' URLs. When you do this you'll see a page which shows you their traffic, this page shows you all of your competitors top pages. You must do this for each of your competitors. Because this will help you understand their most popular pages. It will also show you the keywords of each of these pages.' 

By doing this you will now know not only the top pages of your competitors and what those pages are about, but also the keyword that they're ranking for. Once you have this, look at their most popular pages to make sure you've covered any of those topics. Chances are if you have a small website and you don't have any links, you may not have. If this is the case you need to adjust your content or create new content. 

So the way this is done is you look up all your competitors who are ranking, you check at their pages, particularly the ones in Ubersuggest, go to those articles and understand them. And then you make sure your page is 10 times better  than theirs, and more thorough in length, you add in some custom graphics. By doing this you're going to have a detailed article that's thorough and in detail. Also note, an important part in doing this is looking for your competitors keyword, because Ubersuggest will show you all keywords. You need to make sure you integrate the most popular keywords that are relevant to the article. Because if you do that you're going to outrank others over time because your content is better and more relevant, and eventually your user metrics will improve. When we refer to user metrics we mean time on site, bounce rate, and by creating content so amazing that users should want to stick around longer than your competitors' URLs.

  • Promote your content

The second thing you need to do is promote your content. Invest at least 40 to 50% of your time in promoting your content. Going back to Ubersuggest when you find your competitors' URLs, it will show you all the people linking to them. If you are not able to go back to them, go to the backlinks report section in Ubersuggest, put in your competitors URLs, and it will show you every single person that is linking  back to your competitors’ page. Once you have this list, you can contact them to promote your content.

You can start with contacting 20 to 30, then 50 to 100 and go up to 200 per article, that’s when over time you will see people linking back to you. You can also use, put in your competitor URLs, it'll show you every single person who tweeted your competitors' article. You can ask them to share your content. You may receive a positive response from a lot of people but a good portion will. So overall you will start getting social shares. These two tactics get you links and social shares.

The third way of promoting is everyone that you link out to in your article, let them know that you linked out to them, send them an email and request them to share your content. That's just another easy and simple way to get more social shares.

  • Grow a following

The third thing you need to grow traffic is nurture a following. You must have noticed a lot of influencers and famous marketers respond to comments. By responding to comments, they are nurturing a community and building loyalty. Doing this helps over time in getting more social shares, backlinks, higher rankings, brand queries, and much more. When people search for your brand more than your competition it shows Google that people love and trust your brand over the competitors, leading to you ranking higher. If you don't care for people, and you don't go an extra mile to help them, you won’t do well when it comes to SEO.

  • Build a network of promoters

The next thing you should do is build a network of content promoters. In the previous point we spoke about emailing people to share your content. You will start seeing a pattern where some people are willing to share your content and some people aren't. Although most people aren't willing to share, even the small percentage that's willing once you publish a handful of articles, you will notice that consistently there is a set of people who don't mind sharing and linking to your content. They become your content promoters. Once you have that list of promoters, you know who to go back to every single time you publish an article.

  • Use Ubersuggest backlinks

This is the backlinks report you saw in Ubersuggest. This gives you a chance to identify new link opportunities. Make sure you look at your competitors, their new and lost links, and the links they're recently getting. When people are linking to your competition recently it means they're open to linking now. When someone links to others years ago, they may be done with it, and they do not want to link to anyone else or update their site. But when people are constantly updating their site, their content, and linking to people, those are the people you should target with your outreach campaigns, because there is a higher chance they will link to you.

Even if you have a small site, you don't need to create tons of articles and have tons of pages of content. However your content needs to be thorough, detailed, and high in quality. Doing this can get a ton of traffic. It is not about quantity but quality. Quality is the key factor to do  well on Google. So emphasize on quality and not quantity.