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SEO hacks no one talks about - TypeStack
SEO hacks no one talks about - TypeStack
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No doubt, SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a crucial aspect of digital marketing. So business owners, bloggers, and online marketers focus on using new SEO hacks to enhance their SEO ranking and stay ahead of the competition. Beginners and start-ups would have a tough time leading the race.

When all digital marketers are busy using the same SEO tips, you as a start-up need to take things a step further to climb the ladder of success and stay ahead in the SEO ranking. Many online marketing professionals believe that following what others are doing can help them beat the competition. But, it is not true as you need to think out of the box every time. Here is a quick rundown of 9 SEO hacks no one talks about, and these hacks can help you trigger organic search traffic and rank you high on SERPs.

Preparing for Voice Search Uprising – SEO Hacks for Beginners and Start-ups!

It has been estimated that 60% of online searches are likely to come from voice searches via virtual assistants like Siri, Alexa, Google, and Cortana. So, start-ups and beginners who are into SEO niches must use such SEO traffic hacks and focus on optimizing the voice search and creating digital content that answers the voice searches and questions related to products, services, and niches.

Digital marketers can recognize these questions with the help of online tools, including Google Trends, Answer the Public, and the People Also Ask section on SERP.

Use Social Media Channels for Keyword Research

Most digital marketers are unaware of the significance of creating a brand presence on social media marketing. The process not only gives your brand a virtual identity but also benefits the brand in SEO ranking. Some SEO Growth Hacks for beginners are:

  • Search for trending topics and hashtags on social media platforms for content creation.
  • Check the topics trending on Instagram.
  • Do a Google search using the term “Social Media” to find the keywords appearing in the auto-fill and use those words in your content strategy.
  • The LinkedIn hashtags and the available content suggestions are also the right places to find the keywords and topics your industry is discussing presently.

All these hacks can help you find the keyword for your next content strategy. Creating content with those keywords will make your site rank high on SERPs.

Using the Free Tools for SEO

It is one of the effective SEO Growth Hacks that many start-ups and beginners prefer using. So, use these free hacking tools for SEO ranking and save your money. Some of the recommended Free SEO tools are:

  • Google Analytics – This online tool is used to know which webpage is underperforming and needs improvement and which one is doing well.
  • Google Search Console – The tool troubleshoots, enhances, and monitors the SERP presence. It also provides you with a report for all URL errors.
  • Google Keyword Planner – This free tool helps you find trending keywords.
  • Webmaster Tool – It gives you access to incredible search engine marketing efforts data.
  • Yoast SEO – WordPress websites can benefit from this all-in-one SEO suite.
  • SemRush – Using this tool, you can monitor your and competitors’ websites' performance.
  • SEO Analyzer Tool – Analyze your SEO efforts with the top three competitors with this tool.

Using Video Marketing to Push SEO Ranking

Video marketing is one of the forgotten SEO Hacks that has the potential to improve your site’s authority. Many webmasters and marketers are ignoring the significance of video marketing. But it can help push your SEO ranking while increasing the site’s authority. But, you must create informational, engaging videos and answer viewers' queries related to your niche and industry.

Use Skyscraper Methods

The skyscraper method is one of the SEO Traffic Hacks that benefit webmasters and online marketers by creating relevant content and leveraging what is already published online for your niche. You have to produce precise and informational content to defeat your competitors.

  • Search for blogs and online content related to your industry
  • Figure out the loopholes in the content and work on them to improvise the content quality
  • Create a better version of the content without affecting the keywords and crux of the topic
  • Re-publish the content and also share the link on social media platforms to increase its visibility

Trending Terms in the Title Tag

For any content, the title tag is like the first impression of your webpage. So, ensure to use only the right words to attract attention and keep title tags precise and engaging, as it is one of the important SEO Hacks. There are specific terms that are trending, and using those words in title tags can make the page rank higher on SERPs. Search for some related topics on Google, find the top results, and check the most used words in their title tags. You have to include those trending words in your title tags, Meta description, and headings to increase the ranking on SERPs.

Use the Long-Tail Keywords from Untraditional Sources

Digital marketers and start-ups often use keyword generators or keyword planner tools to find long-tail keywords. But, there are other unconventional sources from where one can find the trending and on-demand long-tail keywords. Some of the SEO Hacks to find long-tail keywords are:

  • When you type the search term or keyword on the search bar of Google, you will find a list of search suggestions or predictions. These suggestions are offered based on organic search terms comprising the primary keyword. So, you can use them as keywords in your content to attract traffic.
  • When you search any keyword or term on Google, you will see long-tail keywords at the bottom of the search page results. It shows the keywords that people are looking for in the same context.

Tracking the Conversation on Social Media and Discussion Forums to Find Related Keywords

Social media channels and forums are reliable sources to find some relevant keywords that your competitors are unaware of. So, instead of finding your target market's keywords, you must stay ahead of the competition by monitoring the conversations and FAQs from your targeted audience.

Use the keywords, create engaging content and publish them on your website. It is one of the effective SEO Hacks that will help your webpage rank higher on SERPs for using unique and new keywords, develop authority for answering queries, and offer informative content for the online community.

Build Backlinks via Resource Page and Ling Roundups

Google crawlers use backlinks to evaluate the website’s reliability and authoritativeness. The more backlinks a website use, the better the site will implement. However, it is pretty challenging for start-ups and beginners to earn backlinks. So, they may use resource pages and link roundups to build external links.

Link roundups are the directories that assign links to websites dealing with specific topics. The resource page is like the record register that terms the reliable content of all time in one category. So, look for the blogger running such pages, as it will be easier for you to convince them to include your site in the list.


Search Engine Optimization is a complicated subject to master. With the common SEO Hacks, ranking your website on SERPs may seem easy. But, in reality, it is not because it takes months of consistent hard work and efforts to rank a website on top of the SERPs.

But, if you use the hacks mentioned above and formulate your site accordingly, it will become easier to beat the SEO challenges that the digital market and search engines may bring in 2022.

Being a start-up, you not only need to stick to these hacks, as they are just the starting point. The more effort and time you put into developing your site’s SEO, the more sustainable business you will have in the future.

If you are still confused and unsure about implementing these SEO Hacks or the hacks seem quite astounding, you can opt for the best SEO services by experts. It is worth your time and money.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Improve My SEO Rankings in 2022?

Thankfully, many SEO strategies can help improve the SEO ranking in 2022. It includes optimizing the site, creating better and more informative content, using precise target keywords, starting link-building, tracking web traffic, creating a Google My Business profile, and avoiding the use of black hat SEO techniques. These methods can help increase your SEO ranking in 2022.

How Can I Improve My SEO Fast?

If you want to improve your SEO ranking faster, use the following SEO hacks and see your site ranking higher on SERPs. You must update the web content regularly, publish relevant and authoritative content, use keywords in Title Tags, Meta Description, Use ALT Tags, and have a link-worthy website. All these hacks can help your site to rank high on SERPs.