Steps to create eBook for free

Team TypeStack
Team TypeStack ...
Dec 02, 2022  . 3 min read

One of the easiest digital products that you can create an offer for your audience right now is an e-book. You can literally do this in one day, so in this blog, we are going to show you step-by-step exactly how to create an e-book.

Canva works for both, whether you are a beginner or not, so we're going to use this popular graphic design software to make it super simple for you to create a stunning, professional-looking eBook. So, let's not delay any further and dive in.

To create your eBook, all you have to do is go to ',' set up your free account, and once you log in, you'll see a search bar at the top. So simply go up there and type in "US letter." You'll then see 'US letter document,' click on that. After that, click blank, which is going to open up the Canva editor. Over there, you will see different templates that you can choose from for your design. We recommend you look for a template design with more than one page.

Everything about this software is easy-to-use, you can click on things, and then you can drag and drop them around on the page. So you can simply start to customize it for your brand. For example, if you want to change any background color, all you have to do is click on the "color icon,' and you'll be able to see a color swatch appear there from where you can choose your brand colors.

As we mentioned, everything about it is customizable, so always check this top bar for the editing options that have appeared. For example, you can click on filter, go over to adjust, reduce the saturation, and many other things. All you need is to start customizing the whole page by trying and checking every feature.

So, this is how you edit all the different elements. It definitely gets fun once you are comfortable with the software. Now all you need to do is load it, so first, where it says the title. You can change the title of your Ebook and download it as a PDF print which is what they usually suggest, and this is going to be a super high-quality file, perfect for your Ebook.

When you have PDF print, go to do all pages, and then click download, and you'll have an awesome and super professional Ebook in your downloads.

So, this is how you quickly and easily create an Ebook, so hopefully, this allows you to add an Ebook to your product suite. And keep in mind that just like any bookstore, your potential buyer first browses through many different Ebooks, so it is crucial for you to make the best first impression. Then only you'll be able to grab the attention you and your business want. Though as mentioned above, with Canva, you have access to the most attractive and excellent designs that can improvise your Ebook within seconds.

We agree that readers usually judge by its cover. However, you need to make sure that whichever design you're putting into your Ebook is made from scratch. Even if you like the templates by Canva, try to make designs by yourself through Canva.