These Tools Will Help Your SaaS EXPLODE in 2022

Team TypeStack
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Dec 02, 2022  . 4 min read
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No signups and almost zero buzz- this is every SaaS startup founder's worst nightmare. In order to build a successful product, you need to make data-driven decisions. You need to be on top of management and be close to your users at all times. To make these things a bit easier, you need the right selection of essential tools. This blog will talk about eight essential SaaS tools that can power up your business. These tools can bring more efficiency to your workflow. So let's get started!

Tool #1: Stripe

Stripe is a payment processing platform and it is the best one on the market without comparison. It's effortless to integrate on your site. Stripe is a so-called low code solution which means that you don't need to do a whole lot of programming to set it up; though you do need to do a little on the other hand developer experience. They also do have a lot of advanced features among others their elements library which basically allows you to build your own checkout from scratch.

Tool #2: Trello

Trello is the most simple yet most flexible solution. This project management software itself is so cut to the bone that it is simple to use, yet with the concept of power-ups which are these plug-ins you can install, there's almost nothing you cannot do. These power-ups are offered by a long list of third parties. So there are thousands you can pick from, and if you really can't find what you're looking for, you can always build your own.

Tool #3: Slack

You use slack as your main internal communication channel. If you are running your team fully remotely, slack becomes more than a communication channel. It can become your office literally. There's another way you use slack, and it's called slack ops. It means that you can manage a lot of your infrastructure developer tooling, pr, reviews, deployment, and reminders directly from slack. You can even have custom commands that you can use to look up users, fetch error logs, add access to features, enclose beta, and a lot of other things.

Tool #4: Crisp

Crisp is a live chat module that can be placed in your app to allow users to reach support. This gives users a really nice customer experience and while this is not mandatory it is very much becoming a standard here in 2022. So if you're thinking about running a SaaS you need something like crisp. You can add crisp to a broad range of messenger services like Facebook messenger, Instagram, Whatsapp, and even email.

Crisp is able to receive inquiries from customers through a lot of different channels and collect them all to be handled in one place. With Crisp, you can even route these requests to a service of choice of course.

Tool #5: Amplitude

Amplitude is an analytics platform and you can use it to gather data about website visitors, user behavior in our app, and a lot more. With amplitude, you can easily see how many people visit your website; you can pinpoint how many users still sign into the platform after a given period. You can also check which upgrade triggers are the most prone to lead to an actual upgrade. You can Amplitude also to show the results of A/B testing. It is a totally invaluable and indispensable tool when running a SaaS of course.

Tool #6: Figma

SaaS companies use Figma extensively for pre-designing a lot of the UI. With Figma, you can try out different prototypes, experiment with different types of layouts, etc. It also allows you to create assets for your website, blog posts, social media ad creatives, and much more. Figma is just so easy and intuitive to use that even you can put out something really nice looking together from the library of assets.


So, these are six SaaS tools that you can use in your startup. Combining the right practices and habits with the right tools really makes a super powerful combo. So, explore the tools and start knowing more about their functionalities. You will surely find them amazing!