Top 10 Black Friday SaaS Deals 2022 You Don’t Want to Miss!

Team TypeStack
Team TypeStack ...
Nov 23, 2022  . 3 min read
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It’s almost that time of year! Come Black Friday and we all get excited about mindboggling deals. But, keeping track of all the amazing Black Friday deals popping up is no less than a full-time job in itself. So, we thought of hand-picking the unmissable Black Friday SaaS deals for you. Whether you’re searching for CRMs, email marketing tools, AI writers, or any other SaaS product, this list is for you!

Best blogging tool for SEO and speed - TypeStack
Best blogging tool for SEO and speed - TypeStack

Looking for a WordPress alternative? TypeStack is a no-code blogging tool that helps you to publish your blog/content without any hassles of hosting, maintenance, and optimizations. With TypeStack your blog will consistently score 90+ in Google Lighthouse score and this helps with your blog ranking significantly. It takes care of complete on-page technical SEO such as schemas, sitemaps, robots, etc.

Actual price: $228

Deal price: $49


Use code: BLACKFRIDAY at checkout to avail this deal.


This AI-powered tool helps you write result-driven content by analyzing the competition. Rather than pouring all your efforts into crafting content, use NeuronWriter tool for extracting high-ranking content.

Actual price: $750

Deal price: $69


Now create AI-powered videos effortlessly! Synthesys - AI voiceover software eliminates the need for hiring a professional voiceover artist. With the multilingual platform, you get hundreds of real, human voice options.

Actual price: $1997

Deal price: $69


With a visual aid, brainstorming content ideas get even more fun! ContextMinds allow you to manage AI-generated keywords and content ideas on digital whiteboards. Perfectly made for marketers, bloggers, and content creators.

Actual price: $228

Deal price: $69


Desperately searching for an affordable yet reliable email marketing solution? SendFox can check all your boxes! It comes loaded with all the necessary tools you need to create your email list.

Actual price: $480

Deal price: $49


Are all your cold outreach efforts falling flat? A huge chunk of emails landing in the spam folder? Luna is a smart AI-powered tool that makes finding target leads and writing personalized cold emails ridiculously easy!

Actual price: $228

Deal price: $69


Struggling to keep up with the latest marketing tricks and tips? Acumbamail still believes in keeping things simple, yet effective! Use this email marketing tool to scale your business using high-converting email campaigns and landing pages.

Actual price: $839

Deal price: $79

Don’t want your emails to feel lost in your target audience’s crowded inbox? makes them stand out from the crowd by turning lengthy text content into personalized talking-head videos. Embed them, and just shoot!

Actual price: $1249

Deal price: $79

WordPlay- Long-Form AI Writer

Built with SEO in mind, WordPlay is one of the most reliable long-form AI content writers. Save hundreds of hours of manual work by churning out content in bulk. It can write a 2000+ words draft in just 15 seconds!

Actual price: $497

Deal price: $99

Mailtimer- Plus Exclusive

Creating a sense of urgency among your potential customers can convert more leads into sales! Mailtimer helps you leverage exactly the same! It comes with eye-catching countdown timers, allowing 60+ customization settings.

Actual price: $1176

Deal price: $39

That’s all for now, folks!

We hope the list got you totally excited.

So, cash in the exclusive benefits by purchasing the membership of the SaaS products we just mentioned above and save tons of money in return.

Happy Shopping this Black Friday!