Top Blogging Platforms for 2023 (& How to Choose the Right One)

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Dec 27, 2022  . 13 min read
Best blogging platforms 2022 and beyond and how to choose one which suits your business - TypeStack
Best blogging platforms 2022 and beyond and how to choose one which suits your business - TypeStack
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Businesses that are into blogging tend to attract over 60% of traffic than companies that don’t. However, businesses must strategically choose from the top blogging platforms to increase web traffic and achieve their goals. Blogging offers multiple benefits, and it helps develop authority within the industry. It helps businesses create brand awareness, convert traffic into leads, and share the news.

There are many choices for blogging; some are free, while others come with a small cost and many incredible features that can help bring excellent results. Keep reading the post to find the best blogging platforms for your new journey.

What is the Best Blogging Platform?

What is the best blogging platform - TypeStack
What is the best blogging platform - TypeStack

Blogging needs dedication and time, and it is a long-term investment. It needs a platform where you create your blog. Regardless of how great the blog is, choosing the right platform is the key to its success.

Businesses find it challenging to move a blog to a website after it is started. So, it is necessary to prepare carefully before you start to blog. So, before discovering the list of top blogging platforms, you need to learn what you want in a platform to start blogging.

A platform that is easy to use and set up is considered the best. People without coding skills need to find a platform where coding is not necessary. Next is to do some big-picture thinking about the blog type you want to create.

You must start with a list of layouts and features and pen down the blog tools you would require when your blog starts to grow. Answer the following questions to prepare for a blog.

  • Are you planning to monetize your blog with the newsletter?
  • Is your goal to include multimedia experiences with videos and images?
  • Are you planning to blog to do SEO for your website?
  • Do you want your blog to create a reputation as a thought leader?

Once you find the answers to these questions, you can choose the right one from the top blogging platforms.

How to Choose the Best Blogging Platform?

How to choose the best blogging platform - TypeStack
How to choose the best blogging platform - TypeStack

For businesses choosing a platform for blogging should first consider the cost. Some platforms are free, while others come with a fee and helpful tools. So, check each platform's packages and how many tiers are available. Pay close attention to the features and add-ons. Here is a list of tips you must remember when choosing from the top blogging platforms.

Templates and Themes

Themes and templates plays vital role in choosing any blogging platform - TypeStack
Themes and templates plays vital role in choosing any blogging platform - TypeStack

Templates and themes enable users to personalize their blogs easily. So, you must check the templates and themes before choosing a platform. You must answer the following questions.

  • Does the chosen platform have lots of templates for blogging?
  • Do they have any premium and free themes and templates?
  • Is editing available to create custom themes and templates?
  • Are you planning to start blogging from scratch rather than using a pre-designed theme?

These are some questions you must answer to find the right blogging platform for you.

Content Editor

Content editor - TypeStack
Content editor - TypeStack

Content Editor is an essential tool for all blogging platforms. Bloggers work with the editor daily, so you must choose a platform with the best content editor. The editor tool must be easy and fast, with hints of flexibility and functionality.

You must create a sophisticated blog draft and add internal videos, links, and images to test the tool's efficiency. If everything seems fine and the editor runs optimally, you are on the right platform to start a blog.

SEO Features & Tools

SEO features and tools - TypeStack
SEO features and tools - TypeStack

After creating a blog, you would want to get on SERPs' first page. So, look for the top blogging platforms with built-in features & tools for content optimization. There are many blogging platforms offering add-ons and plug-ins to optimize content. But, the tools useful for you would depend on your present skills.

Most SEO methods are repetitive processes. So, it is best to find the platform that helps you to optimize the content for SERPs as you develop the blogs. If the platform lacks advanced functionality, you must look for platforms that support 3rd party SEO tools and plug-ins.

Extensions & Integrations

There is not a single one size fits all blogging platform. So, you won’t find a platform with all the features a blogger needs. Moreover, blogging goals and needs will likely change with the increasing audiences. So, you must choose the top blogging platforms that offer integrations and extensions with 3rd party tools.

Blogging platforms with great apps will help scale with time and ensure you don’t have to migrate for other flexible alternatives.

14 Best Blogging Platforms

CMS Hub (Must-Have for Developers and Marketers)

CMS Hub is one of the top blogging platforms for both marketers and developers. The platform comprises all the necessary technologies, tools, and workflows that a developer needs when developing a CRM-powered blog. The platform also offers ultimate user experiences for marketers with smooth access to advanced features to drive conversions.


  • The platform is a compelling and easy-to-use software for marketers and developers
  • Allows blogging with a pre-designed theme or customizations with a drag-and-drop builder
  • Includes free web hosting and allows easy connection to a custom domain
  • With a 3rd party editor and SEO tool, one can create a blog with forms, CTAs, and interactive elements
  • Multi-language support and option to run A/B tests to reach a global audience.
  • A preview option is available before posting


The platform is only suitable for veteran marketers and developers. It is not an ideal choice for small businesses and individuals who have just started to blog.

Key Features:

  • Suitable for both marketers and developers
  • Robust features and CRM to streamline the marketing and sales
  • Multi-lingual support, SEO suggestions, and more


If you’re looking for a CMS tool that makes writing and publishing blog posts an easy job, TypeStack won’t disappoint you. Plus, it is easier to rank your blog on search engines with TypeStack for two reasons: auto-optimization of technical SEO and AMP-enabled pages.


  • Technical SEO is taken care of
  • Zero set up and maintenance
  • High security and encryption
  • Improved performance in Google PageSpeed Insights Test
  • Custom domain


  • Limited themes
  • Just one pricing plan

Key features:

  • Clutter-free block-style editor makes writing a better experience on TypeStack
  • Built-in best practices for SEO
  • SSR & AMP
  • Superfast blog and content pages
  • Fully responsive
  • Detailed analytics
  • CDN & auto media optimization


Developing and managing blogs on WordPress mean more maintenance than any other platform. But the level of content management features and extensibility you will enjoy is impossible on other platforms.


  • High-rated blogging platform
  • It has emerged as the multi-purpose content management system
  • It comes with many themes and features
  • It allows you to buy a custom domain and supports 3rd party themes
  • Multiple customization options


  • Users have to ensure the plug-ins and themes are compatible

Users have to take care of maintenance, broken links, core software, database, and more

Key Features:

  • Best for publishers and those planning to extend the platform with plug-ins
  • More than 3500 free blogging themes


Businesses and individuals who want to develop image-rich blogs would find Squarespace helpful. The platform features award-winning templates, extensions, and integrations with Unsplash, Getty Images, and Google AMP, creating visual content for a shareable and engaging experience.


The platform comes with 140 templates, making it one of the top blogging platforms

Themes are customizable and mobile optimized.

Allows using built-in SEO and blogging tools for optimized content

Connects the blogs with social media for promotion

Built-in analytics tool to see the influx of traffic, visitor’s behavior, and what they are looking for.


Limited functionality

Supports only 30 extensions

Key Features:

Allows customizing blog according to personal style

High-quality assortment of templates


Wix is a popular platform for beginner-level bloggers who want blogging and hosting tools under one roof. It is a platform that focuses on design and speed over functionality.


Offers two choices for developing a blog within the editor

800 pre-designed templates

Wix ADI is available.

Supports both mobile and desktop for editing and writing

Allows configuring SEO settings to heighten organic reach, push content to subscribers with an email tool and share content via social media.


The platform lacks customization options and a content management function

It needs HTML code to add advanced elements

Key Features:

Suitable for bloggers who focus on design and speed instead of functionality

Start from scratch and use pre-designed templates

Craft CMS

Craft CMS is a famous and top blogging platform for designers and developers.


It comes with personalized content marketing, templating, and tools to edit the source code

Allows controlling functionality and appearance of the site

Provides collaboration tools, image editor, and localization features to translate languages

Can handle multiple blogs within a single Craft install

Key Features:

Advanced functions and localization features

Free single admin version

Need some development skills


Contently is amongst the top blogging platforms for companies with large budgets and restricted internal editor teams.


Helps manage the content creation process

Allows visualizing and creating editorial strategy within a customizable production calendar

Allows collaborating with team for advanced workflow tools

It comes with an advanced review tool to ensure the content is correctly aligned with the brand

Allows comparing the content with competitors


It is not a good choice for small businesses with a limited budget

It is expensive and suited for large enterprises.

Key Features:

Handles the content creation process

It comes with deep analytics


Joomla is a renowned open-source content management system with advanced user and content management functionality. It is one of the top blogging platforms for creating community-focused blogs.


Enriched with built-in functionality and lots of extensions

Allows creating custom post types and manages hundreds of users

Supports multiple languages

The clean and easy drag-and-drop editor

Automatically publishes blogs on social media with extensions


It takes time to setup

Offers limited extensions and themes, and customization options


It is another open-source CMS common for advanced users and enterprises with sophisticated blogging needs and self-hosted solutions.


It comes with many unique modules and features

It gives more power than other open-source platforms

Supports multiple content types, blocks, templates, and content management

Permission to site admin, content editors, and stakeholders customized access


Lots of features and modules mean more time to learn, and they are confusing

Key Features:

Best for technical users with sophisticated blogging needs

Advanced user permission

Advanced content management


LinkedIn is not just a social media platform but also allows sharing blogs directly, helping users to reach millions of audiences. It is one of the top blogging platforms for businesses because it gives a new blog a targeted audience and drives traffic.


An exceptional choice for bloggers who want to build brand awareness and drive web traffic

Helpful platform to create thought leadership

Help generate conversations and boosts growth

Works as a supplement for on-site blog


Since the blog is published on the LinkedIn platform, the on-site blog SEO benefits are missing.

Not a good choice for lead generation

Key Features:

Easy interface

Good choice for new thought leaders

Access to immediate and more significant audiences is one of the top blogging platforms for those looking to create simple blogs with limited design.


It comes with a stripped editor and auto-save feature

It gives you the smooth experience of writing in virtual journals

The platform is free and doesn’t have any ads

Other team members can also use it to share proposals and updates and check the progress


It prevents you from using Markdown, the prominent syntax for using special characters to format the text

Key Features:

Suitable for bloggers who are satisfied with minimalist design and interface

Ad-free and free platform


Blogger is another free platform and one of the top blogging platforms for a newbie. However, it lacks many important content management features. But there are many features that you won’t find in any free platforms, making it the best choice for bloggers.


It is an easy platform to customize and create a basic blog

Create an account, choose a template, and start publishing

Allows buying custom domain while optimizing SEO settings and connecting the blog to Analytics

Optimize your blog with Adsense and edit with CSS and HTML


There are limitations in features and prevent you from installing plug-ins to enhance functionality

It prevents the creation of different types of content

Prevents changing the default display of the content

Key Features:

Feature-rich than other free platforms

Best for lifestyle bloggers


Medium is always considered one of the top blogging platforms for bloggers and writers.

The platform allows businesses to create a blog and associate with like-minded users. It is a popular storytelling platform and helps build a blog audience.


Easy to publish content and use for blogging

It has a larger readership and also features reader’s suggestions

It also comes with community publications and helps create seven publications

It helps draw followers and attention to new blogs


The platform won’t help your blog to get the SEO benefits

There is a higher risk of duplicate content

Key Features:

Suitable for bloggers who want to connect with an existing audience

Simple and clean interface


Tumblr is the platform that attracts brands and personal bloggers. Brands use it to showcase their persona.


Combines the potential of social networking and blogging in a single high-visual publishing platform

It offers everything you need to create a professional blog

It comes with lots of free themes, social sharing buttons, multiple-page add-ons, a comment section

Allows buying a custom domain and using free sub-domain


Coding skills are needed to customize the website

There is a limitation in posting, allowing only 50 posts a day

Key Features:

Suitable for publishing multimedia posts

Suitable for bloggers who want to connect with followers

Start Blogging

It is vital to recognize your blogging needs and goals before you spend time on finding the right platform based on your requirements from amongst the top blogging platforms. With focus, dedication, and time, you can find the right blogging platform with the flexibility and functionality you need in a blogging platform and finally get started with blogging.