Top 17+ SEO Blogs To Follow In 2022

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Nov 29, 2022  . 11 min read
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If you’re looking to elevate your website regularly, you need to stay updated with the evolving SEO (Search Engine Optimization) trends. Knowing new information daily would help you develop new and better SEO strategies for your brand and your clients or prospects.

The best and one of the easiest ways to get all the latest trends and news in the SEO industry is by following SEO blogs. In this article, we have curated a list of the best SEO blogs that you need to follow.

Best SEO Blogs For Bloggers In 2022

MOZ Blog

The Moz blog - TypeStack
The Moz blog - TypeStack

If you are familiar with the term SEO or have a brief idea about what it is, you may have heard the name "Moz". It is one of the biggest and most influential blogs in the SEO world and has one of the largest SEO communities that is present all around the globe. If you want to gain some great insights in Local SEO, Technical SEO, Advanced SEO, eCommerce SEO, you should read MOZ blogs. It has some enormous archives around SEO which would help you to know how everything works in SEO. Also, their ultimate guides on keywords research and SEO competitor analysis is the best in the industry.

Ahrefs Blog

Ahrefs blog is one of the top SEO blogs to follow - TypeStack
Ahrefs blog is one of the top SEO blogs to follow - TypeStack

Ahrefs Blog, popularly known for its backlinks index, offers useful information related to different technical SEO parameters like web page speed, page mobile friendliness, and many more. For two primary reasons, you should read ahrefs blog. Firstly, because it has an incredible SEO toolkit and secondly its blog contains various tutorials around general SEO, on-page SEO, local SEO, keyword research, link building, helping you to learn SEO from scratch.

Search Engine Journal

Search Engine Journal Blog - TypeStack
Search Engine Journal Blog - TypeStack

Another SEO blog that comes under the best SEO blog to follow is Search Engine Journal. From the name itself you can figure out what it offers. Search Engine Journal is not just an SEO blog. It contains news, guides, and how-to solutions, completely dedicated to digital marketing.

Search Engine Journal provides complete guides on SEO, PPC, Link building, and other digital marketing topics along with the latest news and updates that come from the house of Google.


Backlinko is know for its unique and exclusive SEO tips - TypeStack
Backlinko is know for its unique and exclusive SEO tips - TypeStack

To take your SEO to a new level, Backlinko is the best place to visit. Backlinko literally covers everything that exists in SEO. For both beginners and experts, everyone can learn A to Z of SEO from this blog.

SEMRush Blog

SEMRush blog - TypeStack
SEMRush blog - TypeStack

If you have a brief idea about SEO, you might have heard the name of SEMRush. It is one of the best SaaS- Based SEO tools. Not only that but SEMRush is also considered one of the best SEO and digital marketing tools that are present right now. SEMRush is used by more than 5 million users around the globe. SEMRush blog covers a wide range of topics, from social media topics to voice search optimization. There is no doubt that the SEMRush blog is one of the best SEO blogs to follow for digital marketers.

Hubspot Blog

Hubspot blog - TypeStack
Hubspot blog - TypeStack

Hubspot is popular in the field of content marketing as a leading CRM platform. It offers various amazing tools to manage your marketing process. To educate the beginners, HubSpot offers certification courses. Besides, they post industry stats and long form guides and tutorials of all kinds of marketing on Hubspot blog. Hubspot blog has 400k subscribers and 4.5 million views, making it on of the best SEO blog to follow. 

Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land blog - TypeStack
Search Engine Land blog - TypeStack

Search Engine Land daily blogs provide reliable information about different latest trends on Search Engine Marketing, PPC, and SEO.

Also, their SEO periodic table, and detailed Intelligence reports packed up with insights and analysis can help in your SEO strategy. You may download their app to follow their blog rigorously.

Yoast SEO Blog

Yoast is one of the most popular and widely used WordPress SEO plugins - TypeStack
Yoast is one of the most popular and widely used WordPress SEO plugins - TypeStack

Yoast SEO is among the free WordPress plugins to add meta tags to any web page and analyze its content's SEO score.

Yoast SEO blog has many tutorials based on Technical SEO, Shopify SEO, WordPress cores, Analytics, and many other topics. It also provides in-depth knowledge on how to use different free WordPress plugins for your website SEO. To know the insiders' news, you may follow their developer blog.

Neil Patel Blog

Neil Patel blog - TypeStack
Neil Patel blog - TypeStack

If you belong to the field of blogging, you might be familiar with Neil Patel. Neil Patel is quite popular for delivering knowledge related to SEO and digital marketing topics, teaching the same from scratch.

From beginners to experts, millions of SEO marketers follow his blog to learn marketing, blogging, conversion rate optimization, SEO, and different social media marketing and email marketing tips and hacks.

Search Engine Roundtable

Search Engine Roundtable provides a single source for the reader to get the most interesting threads covered from different forums.

Their blog and app share the latest updates from the digital marketing field. You get to know about Google updates related to its rankings, algorithm factors, link building tips to grow your search engine traffic.

The Seer Interactive Blog

Seer Interactive is an award-winning SEO agency focusing primarily on SEO, PPC, and Analytics. If you want to learn more about Google updates' predictions and hypotheses, this blog is for you.

It also covers some important tips and techniques to improve your audience research, content strategy, paid marketing, ads’ performance, and search traffic. Moreover, you will find many tutorials using the best SEO tools, including Google Ads, Google Analytics, Data Studio and Tag Manager, Screaming Frog, SEMRush, etc.

Matthew Woodward

For in-depth case studies relevant to SEO and digital marketing, Matthew Woodward's blog is the best SEO blog for you to follow.

The topics on this blog range from link-building to website conversions to traffic generation. The real-life case studies give an idea of how real-life problems are solved using different digital marketing techniques. Also, you may take his link-building training and go through the SEO tool reviews.

Google Webmaster Blog

Google Webmaster Blog is an official blog of Google where you would get all the latest core web vitals and Google search guidelines updates. It also shares useful insights, practical tips, and techniques helpful for your website traffic, resulting in improved website rankings. To get all the official news on SEO, crawling, indexing, and ranking, you should subscribe to their RSS feed.


Searchmetrics may fall at number 14 on the best SEO blogs you can follow. But, it has two separate blog and resource sections for receiving in-depth guides, analysis, and industry case studies to improve your overall SEO plan.

Many well-known digital marketing experts contribute to the Searchmetrics blog covering various updates and the latest news about SEO.

Niche Pursuits

Niche Pursuits, a part of Spencer Haws, revolves around finding the right niche suitable for your website blogging. It has published several detailed articles on digital marketing, email marketing, monetization, podcasts, etc.

If you want to know more about affiliate marketing, Amazon FBA, drop shipping, eCommerce SEO, Niche Pursuits is one of the best blogs to follow.


CrazyEgg blog offers very simple and easy-to-follow articles packed with many on-point images and screenshots. They cover topics on content marketing, analytics, copywriting, web design, and user experience. Follow this blog to stay updated on SEO knowledge, tutorials of heatmaps, recordings, and A/B testing to improve your SEO strategies.

Rank Math SEO

Rank Math Blog is one of the best SEO blogs to follow for learning WordPress SEO. Created by MyThemeShop, this WordPress SEO Plugin can help you improve your website gain more traffic, better search engine rankings, and earn more conversions.

Spark Toro

Spark Toro is an audience research tool. Its blog has in-depth and unique SEO insights which make it a perfect choice for digital marketers. It provides interesting Case studies giving an idea of how an SEO issue is solved practically.

Search Engine Watch

SEW is possibly the oldest of all the SEO blogs on this list. Danny Sullivan launched it in 1996. They publish a mixture of guides and news articles, which is why it is said to be halfway between a blog and a news website. 

Usually, they publish around 29 posts a month.


Hobo-Web is one of the best single-author SEO blogs out there. Their posts are few but are always worth reading. In addition, they write well-structured and engaging content by commonly reaching over the 5K word mark.


GotchSEO was founded in 013 by Nathan Gotch and is growing quite popular over the past year or two. Though they publish only one blog per month, their guides are massive and garner around 750+ comments. In addition, GotchSEO consistently puts out huge, in-depth guides, some of which are customized.


Undoubtedly, Builtvisible is the bet looking SEO blog. However, not only it looks good, it is filled with lots of top-notch content written by Richard- an industry veteran with 15+ years of experience. Here, blogs are majorly technical in nature. However, some posts might aim at beginners and intermediate.

Lion Zeal

Lion Zeal is founded by Daryl Rosser, a newcomer to the SEO world but with rapidly growing popularity. He began as a PBN guy when he published a super-extensive PBN guide. But now, he's more famous for his interviews with successful SEOs. Some of these interviews include Ryan Stewart, Matt Diggity, Nathan Gotch, and Venchito Tampon.


Will Critchlow co-founded Distilled in 2005, and he also co-created an online SEO university- DistilledU, among other things. Additionally, he created an amazingly talented team at Distilled; that contributes to writing excellent posts for its Blogs. Most of their posts are unique and novel ideas.

SEO by the Sea

You need to follow Bill Slawski if you want to know how Google works, how it might work, or how it could possibly work in the future. He's popular for breaking down and analyzing numerous Google patents and whitepapers, which makes this blog a place to learn why search engines do what they so.

SEER Interactive

SEER Interactive aims to "Do great things for our clients, our team, and the community at large." And it is true with respect to their blogs. At the same time, SEER doesn't follow search trends or reiterate information for topics that have been covered already. They focus on publishing unique posts that are effective and of genuine value to the SEO and marketing community.

Kaiser the Sage

Jason Acidre is your man when looking to learn about outreach-based link building. He is exceptionally experienced in link-building. Also, he doesn't limit himself to link-building; he talks about other SEO-related topics, such as content creation and inbound marketing as well.

Marie Hynes

Since 2008, Marie Hynes has been helping businesses recover from Google penalties. You can check out Marie's blog when suffering from penalties. Though you won't get the latest content from her, following her blog can help you in multiple ways. 


If you've ever tried link building, then you must be already familiar with BuzzStream. Besides being one of the best outreach software on the market, they publish really great content on BuzzStream blog. You won't get a huge amount of content, but their limited posts- 1-2 per month are totally worth it. 

Evolving SEO

Dan Shure created it, and it is really an SEO blog in the traditional sense. There is no huge amount of written content there; it's all about podcasts. 

He interviews another SEO about a specific topic every couple of weeks. The topic usually depends on the individual's personal experience and specialties.

Final Takeaway! 

Knowing different information, tips, tricks, trends, and news about what is going on in the field of SEO really helps improve your SEO skills. So, if you still have questions, do blogs help with SEO? Then follow the blogs regularly, get the knowledge and implement it in your SEO marketing strategy,