Topical Authority: SEO Best Practices 2022 Series

Team TypeStack
Team TypeStack ...
Dec 02, 2022  . 4 min read

In this blog series, we will share five important SEO strategies that you should be focusing on in 2022. And we will explain these SEO tips step by step so you can apply them for huge traffic gains on your website. We are going to deliver everything super actionably so you can get started implementing these changes today. This blog series is for people who want to know what's changed and what's working in 2022. We'll give you all the details so you can get started today.

The first tip is topical authority. In order to dominate SEO in 2022, you need to create topical authority for your website. This means that your website needs to completely cover the topic better than your competition. And if you want to become a real authority, you need to cover that topic for a longer period of time. Let’s look at an example, protein powder! 

What do you need to do if you want to become a topical authority on protein powder is to write more than one article. You can't just write about the best protein powder or what protein powder is. You need to be able to cover all the aspects of protein powder, like is it bad to drink protein powder daily? Does it increase your weight? How much protein powder can you consume in a day? And many more questions like this. 

When you begin covering the topic and showcasing your expertise, Google starts identifying you as an expert with topical authority, and rewards you. 

Topical authority is a powerful ranking factor that can help a website rank higher, even if the site has other weaknesses. But if you want to rank well, you should focus on one topic at a time and hit it hard. Keep in mind that it begins with creating a topical content map for your niche. 

Here’s what you can do: 

  • Go to, put in your topic, and you will get a list of 100 or more topics to get you started with your content.
  • You can also Google your keywords and get topic ideas from the People also ask feature.
  • Another way to generate topics is to use tools like SEO Minion, where you can download 100s of topics at once.
  • Another way is to check SERPs, look at the bottom of the search results page and explore many more topic ideas from the related search section.
  • Use Google’s auto-complete feature to your advantage. This feature can give you many topic ideas.
  • Here's where the treasure is. Your competitors! Look up your competitors to see what topics they are covering. Always remember the answer to effective SEO can be written on one page. How? You look at their site map and then search for the keyword you want to target.

Once you are done, cluster the keywords you have. You can use keyword clustering tools like Keyword Cupid, which will organize your topics, and will help you understand which topics need to be covered in the same article and which should be covered in separate articles. 

Topical authority is not just about getting and covering good topics. You need to create relevant, effective, and search intent focused content. Your articles should be well written and structured. 

You can use tools like Surfer's Content Editor Tool, this tool shows you who is ranking on the first position for a particular keyword. And it will tell you exactly which entities, phrases, and words you should have in your content, and at what frequencies as well.

There are a lot of things that go into SEO, and it can be tough to keep up with all the latest changes. But one thing that remains constant is the importance of topical authority.