7 Types of Content that Attract The Most Backlinks

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Nov 22, 2022  . 8 min read
Types of content that attracts backlinks - TypeStack
Types of content that attracts backlinks - TypeStack
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Google, the major search engine, uses the backlinks in the content to evaluate the site’s relevance and significance. So, quality backlinks are crucial for increasing SERP ranking and site visibility. Since Google uses backlinks as the primary ranking factor, it is important to learn about the types of content that attract backlinks.

The more backlinks your content gains from other relevant sites, the higher the ranking on SERPs. When content uses multiple quality backlinks, Google believes that the content is sharing some relevant and valuable information. Hence, Google ranks the content on top of the result page to provide the best user experience.

Today, content pieces use different media formats, structures, and visuals to grab eyeballs and amplify conversions. They are no longer limited to infographics and simple blog posts. If your content lacks to grab audiences and readers and keep them hooked, read on the seven types of Content that drive engagement, attract quality backlinks and increase conversions.

Types of Content That Attract the Most Backlinks

Writing creative, informative, and original content is crucial, but how you represent the content also matters a lot. Some formats of content deliver high ROI, better engagement, and earn quality backlinks than others.

There is no shortage of content types, but if you want your content to earn quality backlinks, and improve conversions and ROI, use one or more of these seven types of content that attract backlinks.

Authority Content

As the name goes, this type of content focuses on building your brand’s credibility and authority within the industry. Authority content type is also known as topical authority content that lets a brand attract eyeballs, drive in web traffic, increase engagement and gain quality backlinks.

Google highly recommends authority content, as it is an effective way to improve the SERPs. Authority content type is those write-ups that:

  • Link to scientific studies, research, and ultra-credible sources
  • Shares in-depth data and details of a specific topic or link it to sub-topics throughout the write-up
  • Offer specialized and unique knowledge difficult to find on other websites

Authority content is one of the most effective types of content that attracts backlinks and helps increase engagement and brand credibility.

Content with Statistics Compilation

Data statistics play a pivotal role in content marketing; every creator will look for data statistics to back up their facts and write-ups. If you cannot research and find the right statistics, ensure to compile other’s data.

You should compile statistics on specific topics from various sites and represent them as one article. It helps the readers to find all the statistics in one place and prevents them from browsing around for relevant data. They only need to click on your content for the list.

You must compile all the statistics your target audience is looking for online, which can help generate thousands of quality backlinks.

Unique Opinion Pieces

Opinion pieces are one of the best types of content that attract backlinks. It is the easiest way to earn quality backlinks for your content. Every digital marketer has their opinion and being an industry leader, you must have one that is powerful, influential, unique, and out of the box. There are digital platforms that make it easier for leaders to showcase and exhibit their opinions and ideas.

So, take advantage of those platforms and share your ideas to reap the benefits of domain credibility by sharing your opinion in the spotlight for larger audiences. If you have any extraordinary opinions of a specific topic or event, let them out!

How-To Guide and Tutorials

How-to content and online tutorials are the most common type of content for many good reasons. The How-to guide is a write-up that easily inspires the readers to take action and take the engagement to the next level. How-to content not only makes the readers learn about the brand but also answers their queries, solves problems, and fulfills their needs with the writer’s guidance. So, use these types of content that attract backlinks and educate your readers.

Please note that the how-to content and tutorials are not format-specific; you can create them in blogs, visuals, infographics, and video formats.

Original Research Authoritative Content

Nothing can be as good and effective as authoritative and well-researched content. Authoritative content backed by original and good research is one of the most effective types of content that attract backlinks.

Today, contents are replicas of the original content or the tweaked version. Content pieces that are based on original research are the powerhouse for driving leads, engagement, and quality backlinks. Uniquely written content pieces comprise original research pieces and interviews.

The research pieces comprise unique and original content because it is synthesized and extracted by the writer. The original research can be in any form, including:

  • Whitepapers
  • Investigative Journalism
  • Case Studies
  • Interviews
  • Experiments

Creating original research pieces takes a lot of effort, but it is worth it to grow your business and website. By performing original research, you share values and information that other content can’t.

Content on-Demand and Trending

Every content marketer dreams of going viral, but many are still unaware of the methods to create content that can go viral. Earlier, virality was a concept limited to the social media video world, and it was estimated that around 1% of the videos got this coveted status. But today, content in any format can go viral.

Writing content that can go viral is an art, but below are some helpful tips for writing content for increased virality.

  • Focus on keeping pace with the industry, use social media aggregators or news to make the content go viral faster
  • Time your content timely as viral content is created to be fast and fresh on the pan
  • Make your content a show-stopper; include some unpredicted twists of facts that compel readers to do a double-take.
  • Give your content an emotional touch, whether it be a wow factor or laughter.

Visual Content or Videos

Viral videos and visuals are the formats that are still dominating in 2022, making it one of the popular types of content that attract backlinks. Video content has many well-known benefits, because:

Videos comprise text as well as other static content

Video content offers SEO assistance via transcripts

You can share and upload it on multiple platforms, including social media

Triggers engagement in the form of shares and contents


In the digital marketing niche, all it counts is the content you share. Is your content valuable? Can your content help people? Does your content share ideas that can amaze others? Can your content provide unique insights? If your content meets all these needs, people will be happy to like and link your page. You may use any or all types of content that attract backlinks.

The post shares the authority content, opinion pieces, how-to guide content, original research pieces, trending content, and videos, which are the types of content that perform best when it comes to attracting traffic and gaining backlinks.

However, following these seven types of content that attract backlinks won’t guarantee quick success because there are other important factors, including the current traffic to the site and ways to market the content you have written.

With this in mind, content creators must keep testing to check what type of content works based on their industry and niche.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Content is Best for SEO?

The best SEO content includes infographics, authoritative blog posts, trending content, how-to guide posts, lists, trending content, videos, and extra resources for SEO content. Technically speaking, any content can be created for your website. But these are some content types that have a better chance of getting easily noticed by Google crawlers and achieving higher ranks with quality backlinks.

What Kind of Content is Most Popular?

According to experts, the info-graphics are the most popular type of content ever created. The info-graphics are the content that represents a great deal of information, including research, statistics, and other crucial data, in a visual format that is digestible, engaging, and shareable.

What type of Backlinks is the Best?

Nine backlinks are the best and can be used in your content, including backlinks in business profiles, backlinks from guest blogging, editorial backlinks, free-tool backlinks, webinars, guest post bio links, acknowledgment backlinks, and badge backlinks. The paid links, press release backlinks, low-quality directory links, and forum backlinks must be avoided.

How Do You Attract Backlinks?

There are a couple of methods to attract quality backlinks to your content, including finding backlink opportunities with leading online referral sources, using outbound links to forum partnerships, using Google search console reports to get quality backlinks, finding broken links to build backlinks, spying on competitors, publishing skyscraper content for backlinks and creating high-quality content that is link-worthy.