The 10 Types of Content That Work Best for SEO

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Dec 06, 2022  . 8 min read
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Your content may be informative enough, but is it appealing enough to attract the audience?

You know what to share, but how to share is what decides your growth in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In this article, you will find how to present your content in a beautiful manner that effectively shares your opinion and information.

Before knowing the types of content, let’s see what content marketing and SEO are.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a marketing technique that involves making and sharing different forms of content i.e. audio, video, blog post, articles, etc. The primary goal of this technique is to generate efficient and effective content to increase traffic and revenue.

Content is always based on their target audience, therefore three main strategies help in creating an efficient content marketing strategy. The first one is increased sales, the next one is cost savings, and the last one is loyal customers.

SEO i.e. Search engine optimization is a process through which traffic is increased organically to the website. Search engines like Google and Yahoo have major contributions towards driving traffic and increasing visibility. One of the best approaches is content marketing for SEO to improve your website’s ranking.

Let’s read ahead to know how content marketing helps SEO.

10 SEO content types

Here are the best 10 SEO content types chosen for you

“How to”

The most searched form of content on the web is “How to or how to do”. These formats are very effective since every internet user starts the search with these phrases.

You have to find the query, then rephrase the sentence with the most searched keywords, and in the end, give the solution. Most of the time users also don't know what to search for, therefore, you have to show them glimpses of all possible problems with solutions.

To make ‘How to’ content effective, here are some prerequisites you should carry out-

  • Don’t write the solution in a long paragraph. Scribble it step-wise for easy understandability. It lets users learn and act effectively.
  • If there is some additional information or bonus tip that benefits the users, then it is a must to include.
  • Last but not least is to always write a conclusion. Summarize what the user will achieve afterward.

You can also include videos and images to make the content more appealing to visitors (first-time users are visitors only).


Listed contents also come under the category of the popularly searched form. This SEO content type always provides you with a selected number of solutions for a particular problem.

You must have seen content, like, 15 ways to remove pimples or 10 effective solutions for malware. This type of content is filled with a variety of solutions that are unique, effective, appealing, and easily performed.

The chances of false content getting published are very low compared to other content types.

Product reviews

In this online world, feedback is of utmost importance. It decides the next step, whether the user accepts or rejects.

Users always read product reviews and service feedback before purchasing anything. Even the next movie is also decided after reading expert movie reviews.

Roughly around 90% of users read product reviews given below the product page before reading the product features. Out of that, approximately 30% will buy only after a five-star rating and positive feedback.

More than content itself, user-generated review drives more traffic and increases the reliability of the users. Honest product reviews and questions, answer the common doubts of the users that are not addressed in the content.


Studies have shown that a person remembers around 10% of what they hear, 20% of reading, and 80% of what they see. In comparison to writing and hearing, the human brain catches visuals rapidly.

Therefore video SEO content type is becoming popular, accelerating with the use of social media. Within 24 hours innumerable videos are circulated worldwide.

An informative and appealing video always attracts and retains users. Adding videos to your content marketing strategy will increase your SEO ratings also.

Some facts will surely compel you to make videos (even if you did not know anything about video making and editing yet). 64% of customers purchase after watching product videos, around 87% of marketers use video in digital marketing, and 59% of corporate decision-makers watch videos over reading articles.


As time changes, so do the users, and with that, content also needs to be transformed to reach the masses. Memes have become the new entertainment form that circulates in less time with the core message only.

Memes can be a video, image, text, etc. in short form only, that are shareable, viewable and gets likes on social media platforms.

Memes can either be funny or emotional, informative or non-sense, loving or hateful, etc. It is very easy to create a meme with the availability of different websites and tools, for example, meme generators.


Infographics are a visual representation of information or data, it shows the relevant data in a compact form appealingly. There is no hint of any assumption when the statistical representations are made.

With the growing popularity of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many more infographics have also gained a reputation among content creators and marketers.

Graphical representation has always been part of the newspaper, weather news was published in graphics itself. Here are some tips to rightly create an infographic-

  • Include only relevant data, neither it should be very short nor too long.
  • Large numbers must be shown in little spaces, enough that numbers are noticeable and readable.
  • Data comparison must be picturized uniquely without any manipulation of data.


In content marketing, blogging is one of the most common and popular forms of content. There is no specification or classification in blogging. You can write about a particular niche, share your views or opinion, give expert advice, write about your experience, and publish whatever you feel like.

Some SEO tactics generate an effective blog post, like the use of trending keywords, the most searched keyword, inclusion of internal links and backlinks. All this adds to search engines filtering your content for users around the web.

High-quality content drives more organic traffic rather than paid promotions. Users are the main assets for Google, therefore, it takes strict measures to differentiate high-quality content from low-quality ones.


Google defines Ebook as an electronic version of a printed book that can be read on a computer or a specifically designed handheld device. Ebooks are created to give detailed information about a particular topic or subject.

Ebooks created for products and services contain information and guidelines about specific items and services. It is one of the important elements of Search Engine Optimization.

If your ebook is filled with visuals in addition to textual content, then user engagement will increase multifold. That will result in increased revenue.

Ebooks are easily accessible online and offline. It gives you the privilege to read at any time of the day. You can read it in parts or in full, and can also skip to the detail you want to know.


Many popular audio platforms let users hear valuable content anywhere in the form of Podcasts. Here content is available in audio files, then you can download and hear it anytime anywhere.

It is one of the best content types to express your opinion and share your message. You can also generate enough traffic for your content here. People like to hear about either at the time of exercising or commuting, so create your content for this target audience.

There are only two prerequisites i.e. an earphone and some technical knowledge. That’s it.

You are all set to create and release your podcast channel.


In the online world, the user's retention period is very low, until and unless the content is interesting enough to hold the attention of the online users.

Quiz is also an SEO content type that not only captures the user’s attention but also lets you know more about your audience’s perspective. It increases your research effort for your benefit.

This type of content is helpful in search engine optimization for recognizing your website as a trusted source by Google. Indirectly it will increase your website’s visibility.

Final word

Guides, link roundups, whitepapers, slide decks, courses, social media posts, webinars, etc. The list doesn’t end here, there are many SEO content types available all over the web. But the best ones are described in this blog.

Whitepapers are beneficial for technical and business people only. This is related to case studies which provide in-depth knowledge on a particular topic. Though it is also one of the content types, it is not essential for SEO. That’s why it is not mentioned above.

You need to choose one, or a combination of two or more to improve your SEO rating. A high SEO rating will upscale your ranking on the search engine result pages, which will increase visibility and in turn drive traffic to your website.

So choose your content type wisely.