Understanding Domain Authority & Page Authority in SEO

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In the world of SEO, various metrics exist, and DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority) are among them. These two metrics can provide you with highly useful information and actionable insights. Using them, you can improve the visibility of your website among your target audience. In this blog, we are going to talk about these two vital metrics. So, let’s get started!

What is Domain Authority?

Domain authority tells you about the reputation of your domain or website. This metric is used for improving SEO. It also tells how well your website is performing or how well your website will rank on SERPs (search engine result pages). There is one thing that we need to note that domain authority score is not determined by Google. In fact, it is not even followed by Google. The metric domain authority was built by Moz. 

Similar to DA, there is another metric which is domain rating (DR). This metric is given by Ahrefs. So, there are different tools which used to give different metrics different parameters on which you basically decide that if this particular website is good or not. Now, if any website is having a domain authority or DA of 50 then it means that how much value that particular domain is carrying. 

If a website has high domain authority, it means the website is getting high quality backlinks. Hence, it basically tells us about the the quality of any website. Like we said, the score is assigned by Moz; the score ranges from 0 to 100 on 100 point logarithmic scale. 

How does the logarithmic scale affects your chances of getting a higher score? As this is basically logarithmic, therefore as higher you go, the chances of increasing your domain authority becomes tough. After all, the competition gets higher!

Understanding Page Authority

Coming to page authority, it is again developed by Moz. Just like Domain Authority, it also ranges from 0 to 100. When it comes to domain authority, it is limited to domain; and when we talk about page authority, the page authority metric is limited to just a single page. It means that each and every page has different page authority. While domain authority is associated with domain of the website, page authority it is associated with the individual pages. 

The page authority of any page is determined by the kind of link that the page is receiving from different website. Besides that, there are many other factors that determine the page authority. On-page SEO, the quality of your content, the keyword placement, and even technical seo related stuff are the deciding factors. All these things together constitutes the page authority of any page.

To improve the page authority score, you should try to get quality external links from high authority websites. If you want your website to show up in the Google search engines result pages for any particular keyword then you should aim for getting backlinks from a very high authority website.


No doubt, both Domain Authority and Page Authority are vital metrics for your website’ SEO. Hence, it is crucial for you to keep an eye on our website’s DA and PA. So, what you need to do is install Moz bar extension in your Chrome browser, and from there you can analyze any pages uh page authority and any domains domain.