Understanding the Basics of Google Search Console

Team TypeStack
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Dec 05, 2022  . 3 min read
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You must have heard about Google Search Console. So, what purpose does it fulfill? Formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools, Google Search Console is a platform that allows you to assess how Google views your website. Using it, you can optimize the organic presence of your website. You can view your mobile site performance, referring domains, highest-traffic pages and queries, and rich search results.

Who can use Google Search Console?

Well, it can be used by SEO professionals, website owners, developers, etc. The best part is that you can use Google Search Console for free! In this blog, we will focus on the basic functionalities of the Search Console. It will give you an idea of how to use Search Console to up your SEO game and bring more relevant traffic to your website.

Things you can do using the Google Search Console

Among the lost list of things you can do using the Search Console, here are some of the worth mentionable ones.

  • Learn how Google discovers your page after crawling and indexing
  • Learn how to fix errors that are detected by Google when it crawls through your pages
  • How to submit updated content to the Google index
  • How to monitor search performance trends by queries, countries, pages, and more

Now, let’s understand of how you should make optimum use of the search console and what kind of information is the most relevant for you.

If you own a small website and you are responsible for maintaining it, but not as your main job, you should start simple. Take a look at your website’s performance report to assess the search traffic. It will help you figure out which queries, web pages, and countries are bringing in most of your web traffic.

If you are responsible for building or maintaining a large website, you should come to Search Console to check all your pages are indexed and have no errors. You should also look into the coverage report for indexing errors. Likewise, take a careful look at the AMP report, the mobile usability report, and other enhancement reports related to your website.

In case you are an SEO professional, you are going to get tons of benefits from the Search Console. Depending on whether you are more focused on technical SEO, content development, strategy, or something else, you will find important insights in the tool.

Of course, this is just a short list, but you can check the Search Console help center for a more detailed explanation on how to use the tool depending on your role, your website, and your personal requirements.

To sum it up!

So, that’s all about the Google Search Console and the kind of tools it provides you with. Without any doubt, the functionalities you get with the Search Console can help you minimize errors and maximize your web traffic. Start spending some time on the Search Console and get familiar with the key functionalities to reap the benefits!