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With TypeStack’s editor, you get a real-time analysis feature to assist you with SEO optimization and help you make your blog rank higher. Here’s how:

> Click on the “Real-time analysis” 

  > There will be two options: General checklist and Pre-optimized checklist to help you make your blog post better. 

      > There is a certain score associated with each task, with a total score of 100.

        > Click on the “Pre-optimized checklist” to see the optimization TypeStack provides.

[Note: The total score for pre-optimized checklist is 40 because some tasks in this checklist are already taken care of by TypeStack. So, your blog’s score starts with 40]

          > Click on the “General checklist” to look into the things you need to do, to optimize content.  [Note: These tasks are purely associated with the blog post that you are writing and the score for these tasks is 60]

> You can disable this feature in blog settings on the editor. 

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