WordPress Vs TypeStack: What Should You Choose For Blogging In 2023?

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Feb 27, 2023  . 9 min read
WordPress Vs TypeStack: Which is better for blogging?
WordPress Vs TypeStack: Which is better for blogging?
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Is WordPress becoming obsolete? If yes, so what’s next?

Are you second-guessing the time you spend on WordPress? In 2022, having your content discovered on Google is more important than content creation. So, who doesn’t want a blogging tool with more advanced features than WordPress?

WordPress’s built-in functionality and extensibility made it the most valuable player for website building. You get thousands of themes to choose from. But can WordPress meet every blogger’s needs? That’s debatable! So what is the most sought-after WordPress alternative? Let’s find out.

Why Do You Need WordPress Alternative For Blogging?

Most people start their blogging journey with WordPress. And yes, WordPress remains a popular blogging platform. However, that doesn’t mean it has zero flaws. A lot of customization on WordPress can be overwhelming sometimes. As a beginner, optimizing your website can be challenging if you are required to code. You may have to hire a professional developer, which can be expensive in the long run.

Setting up a WordPress blog isn’t an easy job either! One of WordPress’s best features can also be its biggest drawback. You may require to buy several expensive WordPress plugins for your website to work efficiently. These plugins have to integrate well with the theme that you use. Overall this process is very time taking.

WordPress requires you to not only install plugins but manage and update these plugins for the smooth functioning of your website. Your website may become inaccessible if you fail to update the plugins to their latest version. In addition, if you use too many plugins, it can slow down your website.

Yes, WordPress is an open-source platform, and more than 40% of websites use WordPress, but being open-source makes WordPress prone to cyber-attacks. With WordPress, the vulnerability of your data may be at stake!

Also, ranking a blog using WordPress isn’t a cakewalk! With WordPress, you will have to handle the technical SEO part, but when it comes to TypeStack, it auto-optimizes your blog pages for SEO. In short, you can save time with TypeStack!

What Is TypeStack?

A tool that lets you publish content in minutes, TypeStack uses AI to auto-optimize your blog pages for speed and SEO. A powerful alternative to WordPress, TypeStack has made writing a blog simple and easy. TypeStack does all the heavy lifting to make your blog more visible, is SEO-friendly, and comes with zero distractions.

TypeStack provides a seamless approach to content creation and lets you publish content your way. It has zero setup and maintenance requirements. TypeStack is an ideal example of using AI to your advantage! The main question is: Is it time to say goodbye to WordPress? Let’s figure it out.

10 Features Explaining TypeStack V/S WordPress

Page load speed

Have you ever wondered how fast your site loads? A webpage that takes more than 2 seconds to load is a big NO! The page load speed affects the overall performance of the blog and the website.


WordPress speed problems are not new. There are many reasons why your WordPress blog page has a slow loading speed. Poor quality hosting that doesn’t match your level of traffic can be one of the reasons. WordPress requires you to keep plugins updated. Failure to do so can affect the page load speed.


TypeStack provides lightning-fast page load speeds. TypeStack AI intelligently optimizes your content and blogs. It uses server-side rendering (SSR) that allows users to see a pre-built copy and helps to load the website faster. Google would love a fast-loading webpage! TypeStack ensures incredibly faster page load speed for your page to improve its Google ranking. TypeStack lets you load pages faster for both desktop and mobile, as it is optimized for mobile viewing too.

Setup & Maintenance


WordPress requires regular updates to stay protected from data threats. Running frequent updates is one of the major concerns for bloggers and website developers. There is also the potential risk of installing an update that is not compatible with the website plugins. Setup & maintenance in WordPress can be a complex and frustrating job for the blogger.


With TypeStack, you have zero maintenance and zero setup requirements. TypeStack provides easy onboarding and content migration too. TypeStack allows you to use single-click blog migration from WordPress and Google Docs. TypeStack lets you use your Google Analytics code to track your growth.

Security & Encryption


We all know that WordPress is susceptible to cyber-attacks! One of the major drawbacks for website developers, WordPress is not new to vulnerability threats. WordPress makes you use many third-party plugins and themes to make your website look attractive.


It’s not possible for anyone to constantly monitor vulnerabilities, but TypeStack does it for you. TypeStack ensures the safety of your data first. You can get free SSL and CDN. With TypeStack, all your data is encrypted and stored safely.

Server Side Rendering (SSP) & AMP Pages


You will need an AMP plugin in WordPress to improve your website speed. AMP is always a valuable addition for better search rankings. Implementing AMP in WordPress requires extra effort. AMP in WordPress, even with the plugin available, can face difficulties in deployment.


TypeStack is auto-AMP enabled, and Google loves that! If you want to rank well on mobile searches, you need to move towards AMP pages. TypeStack provides server-side rendering(SSR) for faster content delivery.

Plans & Pricing


Apart from scalability issues, using WordPress may also require expensive vendor support. Although WordPress is self-claimed as a free platform, nothing is free. To create a fully-functional website, WordPress has some added costs. You may have to invest in domain names, plugins, web hosting, themes, eCommerce features, and more. If you opt for a free plan in WordPress, there will be more work to be done from your end.


With a super simple pricing model, TypeStack is for everyone. TypeStack offers a convenient plan for bloggers, content managers, entrepreneurs, publishers, content creators, indie hackers, and others.

TypeStack brings you an unlimited plan that isn’t high-budgeted.

SEO Optimisation


WordPress offers limited SEO optimization features in its package. With limited features, it is hard to rank better on Google. To maximize your SEO efforts, you need a more robust solution.


TypeStack has an SEO checklist and does real-time analysis of your content. TypeStack uses AI to help you create content that is SEO focused.

Domain Hosting

Hosting is the foundational component of everything you plan to do online. Your Google ranking, SEO, or emails that the site generates, is related to the quality of your hosting. You should have faster and more reliable hosting.


WordPress site owners have pointed out hosting problems like poor server response time, email service issues, website errors, website security, server downtime, and more. WordPress errors like internal 500 and WSOD often crop up.


You don’t need to run around developers for configurations with TypeStack. TypeStack provides on-page SEO, custom domains, powerful plugins, and integration.

Themes & Image Handling


WordPress contains basic image editing like cropping, rotating, and flipping an image. However, WordPress has limited image-handling features when compared to TypeStack. For an enhanced digital experience, WordPress lacks deep metadata editing and has little and basic themes available. There are themes in WordPress that contain unnecessary generic code. Without having any prior experience with WordPress, this can decrease the speed of your site and cause slow load times.


TypeStack on the other hand has limited but beautiful, trendy, and attractive themes tailor-made for you. You can also customize your theme. TypeStack has many built-in templates for all your content needs.

Google Ranking


Ranking your WordPress blog takes time. With WordPress, you have to deal with a lot when it comes to security issues, maintenance, and functionality. So, maintaining plugins in WordPress can consume most of your time, and keep you distracted from writing quality content for your blogs, which ultimately impacts Google ranking.


TypeStack lets your content rank better on Google with built-in SEO and AMP-powered pages. With TypeStack, you can write quality content with no distractions. The secure sockets layer (SSL) certificate can help you boost your Google ranking. TypeStack provides a free SSL certificate. TypeStack lets you focus on creating content while managing all the heavy lifting and taking care of technical SEO.

Usability & Performance


If you’re not a professional developer, in-depth customization in WordPress can take most of your time. Even for an experienced developer, manually checking and updating SEO requirements can be time-consuming. Moving beyond the basics in WordPress can be tedious! It is not wrong to say that WordPress is the mainstream CMS with the slowest performance.


TypeStack lets you focus on content writing while managing SEO, for you, on auto-pilot. TypeStack is fully responsive and doesn’t tamper with the performance of your website. You do not need to manually update any requirement when TypeStack can do it for you.

Why Choose TypeStack Over WordPress?

Looking at the time that WordPress started, it was not more than just a blogging platform. WordPress has evolved as a multipurpose CMS, but it isn’t one of its kind anymore. WordPress lacks in terms of flexibility for back-end developers and requires high maintenance of code.

Another feature that is missing in WordPress is content type definitions. We know there are two types of content: page & post. With WordPress, you cannot define or even tailor your content without plugins or coding.

While WordPress can leave you worried and confused, with TypeStack, you can publish content just the way you want it. TypeStack lets you deliver a fast-performing digital experience to your readers with its AI-driven approach.

WordPress does support multisite but with a complicated process for developers. TypeStack provides scalability while maintaining smooth performance and sensible operations. In addition to these factors, you may need a lot of custom coding to get what you want. With TypeStack, you don’t need to worry about coding. So, there are many reasons that suggest why TypeStack is way better than WordPress on many fronts.