WordPress vs TypeStack vs Ghost: Which One Should You Choose For Better SEO?

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Blogging is becoming a fast-growing industry. These days, thousands and lakhs of people are starting their blogs. While most of them cater to a niche market, some bloggers are getting immense popularity across the globe with top-notch content. The marriage of content management systems and content publishing platforms has built a massive audience and given businesses an opportunity to sell better or create a growing community. To reap great rewards in content marketing, you should choose the best blogging platform for SEO.

Blogging is one of the most robust tools for the growth and promotion of your businesses. It also helps businesses get more traffic, leads, and sales. It should be initiated in the early stages of marketing as it can transform the brand image and customer loyalty single-handedly. There are advanced blogging platforms for SEO out there, and also substitute choices like WordPress, Ghost, and Typestack.

Beginners who are all set to launch their first blog should always go with the best blogging platform for SEO. A business blog is the best way to communicate and establish relationships with your target customers.

Choosing the best blogging platform can keep up with industry standards and deliver excellent results. If you want to rank highly in search engine results pages (SERPs), you will need the best content management system that can become the best content management system for SEO and a great content publishing platform.

What is a blogging platform?

Blogging and content management are two different visions. The best blogging platform for SEO handles the creation, editing, publishing, and SEO part. While a content management system takes care of every piece of content.

With the best content management system for SEO, you can create a website without having any coding knowledge. It is a software application that makes it easy for users to create, edit, and mass publish content online. Finding the right content management system requires thorough research to deliver exceptional content marketing results.

The best blogging platforms for SEO lets you use themes and plugins to customize your site. They come with a powerful editor, the best content publishing platform features, stylesheets that you can use right out of the box, and a bunch of helpful plugins for search optimization. Choosing the best one is a great starting point, but once your blog grows in popularity, having a content management system for SEO will make it much easier to manage large amounts of content and ensure that all of it is accessible to readers.

But when SEO is your major focus in your content marketing strategy, you need to take an SEO-oriented road for your content marketing journey. Choose from the best blogging platforms for SEO as it is an important component of any content management system and helps your website structure differently. The proper use of search engine optimization features makes a blog drive huge impressions and numbers. To make sure your content gets seen and shared, use the best content management system with dedicated features that can enhance your search engine optimization efforts.

When you are done with content creation, it is time to let the world see your creation. The content publishing platform is the only effective way to add content to your site. This feature makes it easy for you to create a blog or a website, which can include articles, videos, and images and publish it with no hassles. This content management system provides responsive reading experiences on all devices including mobile phones, tablets, and desktops. You can easily see social data related to your blog posts and track traffic with built-in analytics. When you publish an article, it gives you an opportunity to earn money by displaying ads. All of these fall under the category of the best content management system for SEO.

Points to keep in mind when selecting blogging platforms

Many blogging platforms exist, but not all of them are suitable for SEO. There are many factors to consider when choosing the best content management system for SEO. Some include:

  • Speed
  • Search engine optimization features
  • User-friendliness
  • Readability
  • Purpose
  • Design
  • Maintenance

The blogging world is changing every day with new tools emerging often. Writers and businesses are finding it hard to keep up with the industry standards and reap the most of the features.

Which is the better blogging platform for SEO?

To harvest the surprising results of blogging, we have brought you our top blogging platforms for SEO.


WordPress is a free open-source blogging platform. It’s been around for more than ten years and is widely used by entrepreneurs, creators, writers, product managers, and content marketers who want a simple way to post content online and get their message out there. This makes WordPress one of the best blogging platforms for SEO and also a good content management system.

WordPress is a powerful tool that allows users to create multiple blogs in a variety of formats. Users can also customize the appearance and function of their page by uploading or installing millions of free (and paid) plugins from the WordPress repository. You can create any number of blogs with one or more themes and buttons, each with its custom features.

With WordPress, you can create beautiful, engaging pages and expand your audience. It offers the flexibility to run your business and allows users to have their site on a dedicated server. It is easy to use and has a plethora of add‑ons that can help you get started with blogging immediately. Its speed and technology make it a favorite choice of many. It also has built-in contact forms, subscription widgets, and much more to set up your website for success.


Ghost is another web publishing platform built specifically for creators, marketers, and developers. It can help you build high-quality sites and apps that run on any server. It simplifies the development process and makes it easy to share content across platforms while ensuring the security and reliability of your business. 

Ghost's comprehensive adaptability makes it one of the best content management systems for SEO as the blog posts can be regularly reviewed by its staff. They can check if it is as per Google, Bing, and other search engines. 

The platform is the easiest way to get production instances deployed. It takes about two minutes to launch a new site with worldwide CDN, backups, security, and maintenance. It is also device friendly and works smoothly.

Ghost is super fast and lightweight, thanks to its default installation system. It also runs on any operating system, be it Linux, macOS, or Windows. Most importantly, it doesn’t require you to worry about hardware or setup costs as that is managed for you by Ghost Media Group. You can also access features such as one-click deployment, automatic updates, domain-wide CDN usage, APIs galore, and more. 

This new media publishing platform allows you to publish and grow your business. You can build a website, create an online storefront and send newsletters, collect email addresses, or sell online courses. It has been designed to help you get things done as it has built-in workflows, web kits, and templates that are curated by professionals. Ghost's all-in-one content management system is the right fit for every business.

Ghost(Pro) provides all of the features you need, including unlimited storage space and a free account option, with security and protection for every site. 


TypeStack is the new emerging blogging platform for SEO. With its clean, transparent, and simple API and UI, TypeStack makes publishing content easy. Its API feature makes it the best content management system for SEO and helps you generate new content quickly with the ability to use Twitter or Facebook embed codes to link from your existing posts. 

This platform allows you to build your page or blog in minutes as it auto-optimizes your content at speed and keeps all SEO features in mind. With TypeStack, you can have your blogs, pages, and knowledge base published in minutes with no coding required. 

With TypeStack, you don't need to worry about optimizing your blog for search engines or getting discovered. It allows you to publish content that your audience and search engines will accept. You can publish blogs, a knowledge base, FAQs, pages and so much more seamlessly. This is an ideal blogging platform for SEO that can manage and publish content for SEO and is becoming the most-loved among writers.

All of these blogging tools have free and paid versions.

There's no one-size-fits-all blogging platform. Each of the best blogging platforms for SEO has its advantages and disadvantages not just in blogging but also in SEO, traffic, and conversions. What works for one person in a content management system may not work for others. Once you identify your blogging goals and needs, you can select from the best content management systems for SEO with the functionality and flexibility you want to achieve.