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Dec 05, 2022  . 4 min read
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Whether you're a large company or a small website doesn't matter. Everyone should get the opportunity to rank in search engines. And that's why there are two versions of the Yoast SEO plugin: a paid version - which we call Premium - and a free one. Both versions work in the classic WordPress editor and in the block editor. However, if you're using the block editor, we'll help you know about some bonus features. Let’s find out!

Free feature #1: Bring your text to the next level

Free Yoast comes with two extensive analyses. The SEO analysis helps you optimize your text for SEO. And the Readability analysis helps you make your text easier to read. Let's focus on the SEO analysis first. How does it work? Well, you first need to fill in your focus keyphrase, i.e. the term you want your text to rank for in the search engines. We always advise you to do some keyword research before you start writing.

You need to know what people are searching for. Otherwise, you can't give them the answers and solutions they need. And that makes it much more difficult to rank. However, keyword research can be quite hard. To make things a bit easier for you, Yoast has built a super cool feature in partnership with SEMrush. Using this feature, you can easily figure out keyphrases that are close to your focus keyphrase. And you get access to a bunch of useful metrics as well, such as volume and trends for a specific key phrase!

How to find the right keyphrase?

After you've entered your focus keyphrase, Yoast will run several checks on your content. A lot of them have to do with your keyphrase: did you use it in your title, your introduction, your headings? Did you use it often enough or maybe too often? It will give you feedback about all these things. Green, orange, and red bullets indicate what you did well and what needs improvement. The feedback that comes with the bullets tells you exactly how you can improve your text. In addition to keyphrase checks, the SEO analysis also gives you feedback about your links, images, and snippet elements. In other words: we tell you exactly how you can improve your content from the perspective of SEO.

Free feature #2: Readability analysis

The readability analysis gives feedback from a different perspective. But why should you care about readability? Well, it's important for your visitors. But, more importantly, you want people to understand what you're writing. You want to get your message across. Nobody prefers reading something that is either hard to understand or boring.

If you write a text that people don't understand, you won't help people to find what they need. And in the end, that's bad for your SEO as well. So, that's why you should write clear and easy-to-read texts. T

Free feature #3: Google preview

This tool helps you see through the eyes of Google. Because your work isn't over when you've finished writing a post. You also want it to look nice and stand out in the search results. After all, you want people to click your result and visit your site. In Google preview, you can check how your result might look like in the search results. You can toggle between desktop and mobile. And you can also edit the elements of your snippet: the SEO title, the slug, and the meta description.

Free feature #4: Facebook & Twitter preview

In addition to the Google preview, Yoast free account also has a Facebook preview and a Twitter preview. Using them you can decide what image, title, and description people see when someone shares your post on Facebook and Twitter. By using it, you can optimize your social media without spending a lot of time.

Free features #5: Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs are clickable links that are usually visible at the top of a page or post. They are really, really helpful to visitors, as they make it easy to navigate your site. However, breadcrumbs can get messy. Imagine you have a post that belongs to multiple categories. How can you control which category appears in the breadcrumbs? The answer is: with Yoast SEO! The plugin allows you to set a primary category for each post. And as a result, you can control which category appears in the breadcrumbs path.


So, Yoast SEO helps you write the best content for your readers. It also helps you tick all the SEO boxes you need to rank in search engines. The plugin does a lot of things in the background. Try out the free features and reap tons of benefits!